Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hoofin' it at the Cupboard

I ate at this place called The Cupboard in Memphis. Southern food. The sides were out of this world, like out. of. this. world. That coleslaw made my heart melt. I'm in love, I tell ya! There's some corn pudding up there that was just sweet enough and not too pudding-y. Chris' chicken fried chicken was apparently good, but my fried chicken left something to be desired. It was a bit dry, sadly. 

Two highlights were: a car in the parking lot displayed a classic bumper sticker that once was pasted all over my car and house - Attack Iraq No! That's right, homies, original anti-war propaganda. There were other cars with liberal bumper stickers and all golden oldies eating inside. Old southern liberals warm my soul. 
The other highlight was the triptych of presumably three important dudes, hanging by the bathroom. The one on the right is my absolute favorite. His eyes and pose are just so provocative!


alesh said...

Wow that looks tasty. I just love the sides in individual little bowls. Also the plastic plates divided up into two small and one main compartment, which you get at hardcore "family dining" establishments in Georgia and north Florida.

EAT said...

Alesh! The bowls are the bomb. Apparently this type of thing is termed "meat and three," which sort of sounds like "one dude and three chicks," right?

alesh said...

If you mean that they falsely presume that having a meal of just a bunch of sides is somehow wrong, then yes, it sounds exactly like that. Wait ... what?

The bowls are fun, but admit it, there is also something about everything dumped together on one smallish plate, all the simmering juices intermingling and ...

wow, I think I need to get some sleep. Have fun on the road!

nintendopower said...

kylee and i watched the pbs american experience on indians and battle at wounded knee in s.dakota in the 70s. it was amazing and super sad. was thinking you should have been with us.

we all agreed to grow our hair our and pigtail them and wear a bandana! its a good look.