Monday, November 30, 2009

Bro, Basel is Craaaaazzzzy, Bro

The madness returns.

It's the first week in December and Miami will again be the coolest city in the world for the next few days, all thanks to Art Basel Miami Beach. The mere thought makes me sigh with excitement and also makes me nail bite at the prospect of that much art and Grolsch in one city. Sigh.

I can't tell you what to do for Art Basel, because I don't necessarily know you. However, I can post a few things that I've found that sound like fun to me. Interview Magazine has some good suggestions, too.

Tuesday night will be the big night for locals. Most out-of-towners don't show up until Wednesday, so enjoy this day of private and public events with friends. There's the MOCA opening, which is aligned with Vanity Fair. The after party is at the Gansevoort. The Friends With You party takes place Tuesday from 6-10pm at 3930 NE 2nd Ave, Suite 202. Make sure to end your night at Churchill's where many Miami legends will pump out some worthy music, including such performers as Kreamy 'Lectric Santa and Dino Felipe.

OHWOW will have a busy year, hosting many of what sound like the best Basel shows and parties. First of all, on Tuesday, they're opening up a Max Fish (a quaint LES bar where Team Tracy has kicked ass at pool) at the former PS14 (RIP) space. Neat, I think! It'll be open till 4am each night and the line up looks like this: Wed -IUD, Silkflowers, Animals of the Arctic; Thurs - Barr, Mike Bones, Wilder Zoby (Chin Chin), Jaccuzzi Boys; Fri - Gang Gang Dance, Endless Boogie, Teepee; Sat - ?.

At the traditional OHWOW space, Dark Night of the Soul is a collaboration between Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse with visuals by David Lynch. Most awesomely though, Atlas Sound will be performing Thursday at Stages, an event that will raise funds for Lance Armstrong's foundation. It'll be at 888 Biscayne. This is so freaking awesome, I peed a little when I heard. Last year we got Panda Bear and now Atlas sound. Check out the song they made together and love it all the way: Walkabout.

I think this is all I have the energy for right now. Remember, you cannot see or do everything, so ask your friends where they have work up and check it the fuck out.


Chris said...

I heard the Atlas Sound performance is invite only (then again, aren't they all? But somehow we manage to get in...). The Panda Bear was invite only but they were letting anybody in , right?

EAT said...

That's true! It's all about being sneaky, I suppose, or lucky. I'll investigate this Atlas Sound thing just in case. Thanks for the tip!

krylonultraflat said...

I don't even have energy for that much - what the fuck is it with Basel always landing on the busiest weeks for me?

I'll see what you're up to Thursday. I'm supposed to play tomorrow for Churchills Got Talent (the "... But Probably No Attendees Thanks To Basel" edition)

EAT said...

Will you be on the ukelele? Everything is madness right now. I'm tore up from the floor up, but awake at 10 a.m. Back to bed I go.

Chris said...

Man, I'm with you on the "busiest weeks" thing. I had requested (and it was approved) Thursday and Friday off, but it looks like I'll be at the office instead.

Last night ended with finding my car with a nasty (read $1000+) ding from the supposed "secure" $10 parking.

I think I have a Netflix movie coming in today's mail... I'm over the evening events of Basel. Maybe I can check some out of the fairs over the weekend.

EAT said...

I'm so sorry, Chris! That sucks terribly! Hopefully you'll be rejuvenated by Netflix and end up having a great weekend.

swampthing said...

the cookie show is at swampspace

Unknown said...

You missed a truly epic cover of Kill The Poor on ukulele.