Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fudged up world

Here's what I awoke to this morning. It was the only thing that got me out of my stupor.

Click on Benazir Bhutto's picture to read her obituary. The man always has to find some way to keep a strong woman down. And I guess assassination is the easiest way.

2007, you have done me so very right and so very wrong

This weekend a few things sound like Miami fun.
Like Avenue D, Otto and Jacuzzi Boys, etc. tomorrow at Studio A (so many letters: D A F U C K, whatever...). This'll be decent or better than decent, fun even? Also, Mellowdrone is playing Poplife at the White Room on Saturday.
I'll be having a my "girl's night" with the fucktabulous Stephanie Hutin ( or and I'm sure we'll be Miaming it up for her return from the City of Angels.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Jamaica Plain

Bruce Lee spotting:

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

This one reminds me of
The Fisher King:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Basel, bro. I swear, dawg. Madness!

Hey there mi leetle bros.

Art Basel has snuck in and out yet again. I'm going to brag about all the great shit I did last week here:

On Sunday, we hit the Shelbourne, b/c it was my Lil' Monds' b-day. I drank too much and this was a mistake, so early in the week... so I took Monday off.

Tuesday: We paid $15 to get into the NADA opening. I like going to NADA, b/c they always have art that puts a little smile on me face (like a little leprechaun!). We saw Deerhoof perform (second time this year) and Ken Kagami danced around on stage with stuffed fruit and such. It was pretty neat. We then went to the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin and danced like dorks and drank like pigs at the trough. After we sang karaoke at Spiderpussy- I sang "Your Cheatin' Heart" and Nathan belted out a fabulous "Return to Innocence." Rad, bro.

Wednesday: We visited the containers on Collins and 22nd and I saw about 2 seconds of Iggy Pop before I bolted to the Raleigh to sneak into the Deitch Projects Cocorosie performance. I made it, I drank their vodka and champagne and I took their gift boxes of Mac makeup-- I took two boxes! And the performance was hella cool so was The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black which was not horrible but voluptuous. We saw nipples. No lie. You missed it.
We then met up with Nathan "under a bridge" and they were serving free Belvedere, which is the first time I've ever seen that... and I've been drinking for free for well over 10 years. We ended up at PS again and then I realized it was retardedly late and I rushed home.

Thursday: We went to the MAP Magazine party at Heist. It was fun- tons of freebees, made me happy. Then I can't even remember what else we did...

Friday: Ariel Pink show at Studio A--- supa ass kickin'. I'll be posting video on You tube this week.

Saturday: Wynwood walk. Walkedy walk and then White Room. At this point, I was sweating cocktails. I started to lose it and I finally made it home to bed.

I'll have pics soon! Hold your breath!