Monday, September 28, 2009

Excuses, bro

I've been bad about posting lately. I've been preparing the music and other such things for my brother's upcoming wedding in DC. Excuses, excuses. Those I like. Here are a few things that I've been meaning to post about.

The Burning Hand of Friendship is a new blog by Alex Caso, the DJ who is also known as Cookieheadz and is always known as one of the coolest guys around. Ever.
Alex isn't just a knower of all music, he's also a really smart dude about other things that matter. I mean, I think he's a little bit of a libertarian but it's forgivable since he knows his shit. Please leave him comments on his controversial posts.

Christy Gast is a local artist and new friend who moved to Miami not so long ago. I met her through one of my best buddies, Stephanie Hutin. They toured together with the Circus of the Performative Object, out of Gainesville, years back. Artlurker did a nice write up on Christy's work, which is worth reading.

I personally really appreciate Christy's aesthetic. Much of the work I saw takes place in spaces that are remote, haunting and beautiful, like Utah's Canyonlands. All of it is well conceived and visually interesting. Check out the Projects tab on her website. I guarantee you'll be impressed. I love how she's so thoughtful and adventurous, keeping the visual aspects vivid and powerful whether in her performances, sculptures or videos. Next month she'll be showing alongside other artists at the Bass Museum in a show called Night Shift. Should be very neat.

Metallica last Thursday: Lately every band I've ever wanted to see growing up has come around and has cost entirely too much. By lately, I mean since I lost my full time job. I missed the Boss a few weeks back, then Dolly and Janet Jackson came the end of last year. I'm just a little heartbroken about all of this and wanted to complain.

Art walk is on Saturday - I think I'll be avoiding it.
The TM Sisters are having a closing and fellow blogger Swampstyle will be having an opening.
Before the art stuff, catch Pure Imagination at Sweat.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miami Summers are Long

Death to the Sun, an all-day, all-night festival at the American Legion, took place last Saturday. It was a great combination of cheap drinks, good music and neat people. I know, I will be criticized for having fun, but I actually did have a really good time with quite a few people that don't suck.

I showed up at about 10:30 and stayed until 2 or something. I caught a decent buzz for under $20. I think that since the whole affair was spread over such a long time, it was hard to know when the bands were playing and they were spread out, so I really only saw three acts, but there were DJs too, so music was constant.

The band Raja Khan (above) had a good sound with a rockin' sax player and a good look with a sequined singer. I think they're playing again at Churchill's on Wednesday. Thanks to Nick for giving me a heads up.

Aiden Dillard, the director and artist (Death Print), walked around in a gold lame thong, mildly harassing people who were milling about. Diego from the Jacuzzi Boys got a haircut (below) and so I was asked to document. Please freely comment any of your feelings about the new 'do. I think it takes 10 years off of his age. In other words, I think it makes him look 12, but in a good way! Diego's actually one stylish dude, so I wouldn't be surprised if every wannabe in town jumped on the middle school hair bandwagon by next week.

The bartenders were hugely overwhelmed, so it was a mission and a half (bro) to get a beer, so I wisely double fisted. Someone (lovely) suggested opening the sliding doors between the bar area and the room where the band was playing so more people could see the performers. Maybe for next time. The whole event may become a monthly affair at the Legion, which I'm all for. I think they did a wonderful job promoting and executing the event. Bravo.

There was a herd of folks dressed as either British bobbies or Harry Potter who apparently moved from a b-day party over to the Legion. They brought with them this sort of Medieval, mixed race, mariachi band (above). Man, there is nothing that gets my tears moving faster than some mariachi motherfunkers and these guys were great. So whose ever birthday it was, thanks and happy, happy to you.


If you see Benton, you should ask him about his new skee ball arcade. I'm not sure he'll lend it out, but I think it's worth asking about. I mean, look at it, it's brilliant and amazing. Justin Long and Meatball made this masterpiece at his request and presented it at No Brainer, his Thursday night PS14 party.

I played a bit and it really works, I mean, I think the one on the right was easier to get a ball in than the one on the left, but whatever. No one cares about my experience. You may think throwing balls after taking tequila shots and drinking 10 cans of Tecate is a bad idea, but playing actually went very smoothly. It's hard to beat up two boxes of wood.

Classic, bro

I'm just taking some time to upload a bunch of untimely pictures. These are from the Future Classics Festival. It took place a few weeks ago. Here's what I wrote about it.

I liked how they used the palette of the gay flag to light the stage (above).

Here's my friend Jorgie with some painted lady. Body painting makes me laugh.
I thought Juan's message was incredibly dirty, and basically brilliant. He was bartending.
And in closing, a half-pipe.

flying carpets, bro

I made way over to the Art Center South Florida on Lincoln Road a week ago and I really enjoyed the show. The Flying Carpet consists of four works by husband and wife duo Pip and Duane Brant. If you know me, you know I love some embroidery and a lot of politics, and as you can see here, there's a little of both in the exhibition. There's Iraq on a flying carpet, and up there is a Black Hawk helicopter. Ah, stitching and war, makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Each work is interactive, at least I think they are. The grove of crocheted palm trees attached like marionettes to strings seems to be on a timer. The sewing machines are all instruments and you use the pedals to make some noise. I thought the whole thing was pretty neat. That's all I have to say.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bye bye, summer

Something kinda really neat is happening this Saturday. Ricardo Guerrero formerly (I think formerly) of Animals of the Arctic is putting on an all day festival in celebration of the end of summer, Death to the Sun. It's rare we get to see so many awesome local performers in one place, most with decidedly different sounds.

The whole thing is starting really early by Miami standards or rather by anyone's party standards. One p.m. type of early. Bring things that will help you remain cool or dry. You can come naked with an umbrella, but you might want to wear a bikini for the slip 'n' slide and grab a towel. It's at the American Legion (64th, east of Biscayne), so parking is free, the beers will be $2 and booze $3.50.

Here's the lineup - enjoy!
2:00 Space Voodoo Crystal
2:40 Ouija
3:20 Curious Hair
4:00 Danny Denim
4:40 Little Beard
5:20 Nived-N-Hydro
6:00 Surfer Blood
6:40 Weird Aleister Crowley
7:20 Flux Forces
8:00 BFGF
8:40 Raja Khan
9:20 This Heart Electric
10:00 Teepee
10:40 Ice Cream
11:20 HaHaHelp!
12:00 Electric Bunnies
12:40 Dino Felipe

Monday, September 21, 2009

musics, bro

Tuesday night the Jacuzzi Boys are playing at Sweat with Sonic Chicken 4 - another In The Red band. Since I couldn't make it to Gonerfest this year, this mini-show will do in place of the rad Memphis festival. I'm so disappointed I couldn't make it out there, but these guys will be performing if you make it out west for the fest.
Then there's the Miami Bass Warriors at Vagabond on Thursday and on Friday at the Vag, there's Panic Bomber - the COOLEST act in Miami right now. I stand by this claim, I love the music, the man, the act. So good.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rat Opera Preview Tonight

What a great flyer. Tobacco Road tonight, 10:30, $5. Read more here - Rat Opera and here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuff I'm actually excited about

9/19 at Sweat Records and 9/20 at Miami Beach Cinematheque
My friend Josh received a sweet grant to make a movie here in the MIA a few months back, maybe it was a year ago - I have no concept of time. The experimental film is called Interiors of the Liquid Gap, shot in Super 8 and 16 mm, focused on Cuban exiles. I'll write more soon. Josh Weissbach and Ben Balcom are going on a film tour through 18 states, Heap Us 'Round Our Ruins, to showcase the flick. Read about their tour here.
9/23 - It's the Wizard of Oz's 70th year anniversary! Celebrate at the Regal Cinema on Lincoln. I'm considering doing Dark Side of Oz/Dark Side of the Rainbow on my ipod. Hopefully it'll make me feel 18 again. Not that 18 was great, but Pink Floyd still is (no hating, haters).

9/27 - Ken Burns' The National Parks, America's Best Idea airs. CANNOT WAIT! I couldn't agree with Burns more - America is freaking beautiful and NPS protects and preserves our parks. They are one great reason why the federal government needs money. Lower taxes, come at the expense of the parks. The government doesn't have enough money to keep the them in tip top shape, or to hire enough rangers, so organizations like the National Parks Conservation Association pick up the slack. It's a good thing to watch, and beautiful.

Target ruins Anna Sui, bro

I went to Target to check out the Anna Sui line. I am a huge fan. When I was 14, I bought my first Sui tee-shirt at her store in Soho. I keep it, not because it still fits me, but because it's still such a great piece of clothing. If I breed, I'd like to pass it on to my child, male or female.

I've been excited about the new line for weeks, but I must admit, it leaves something to be desired. I think that they kind of skimped on the fabrics and the designs are extreme. You could buy these same looks vintage for the cheaper. I saw one shirt that I loved, but I have no money either way, so my opinion is just that, a useless opinion.

The line is inspired by Gossip Girl, a show worshiped by gays and teens. So, naturally I just expected more. I still want to buy some couture Anna, but until then, no Target Sui for me.

Ratstock is all over

For all of you who missed Ratstock, and that would be many of you, it was pretty darn awesome. Although the room was mostly empty, people wandered in and out, most of whom joined in for a scream into the mike, or to play their instrument of choice. I stayed for at least 2 hours, but I imagine he went all 6. This guy isn't 20 years old, 2 hours of performance is intense, let alone 6! I thought the whole thing was mega neat, and you can quote me on that.

Here's Noah's psychedelic look. My roommate is selling sunglasses, contact me if you want a cheap pair!
This is Venessa with Ravelstein. Ravel is one of my favorite people in the world and the first born Japanese Jew, or Jewish Japanese guy.
There's Ricky Pollo playing something other than the drums.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Many Openings, Little Time

I'll be out and about today - heading over to be press-like at NERD. Kind of excited to see Soho again. I'm thinking this opening at Bas Fisher will kick ass, so attending will be necessary. Also Dorsch, Diet and David Castillo have openings, so Wynwood will be packed as well. Hopefully it'll cool down and I won't be a sweaty, crabby disaster. Good walking to you all. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ratstock, bro - six hours of Rat Bastard!

So tonight is Ratstock, and if you haven't heard about it, that's ok, because now you have and now you must go. Basically Rat Bastard is going to play six straight hours of music at Churchill's with a revolving repertoire of Miami musicians.

I must reminisce. I first heard the Laundry Room Squelchers when I was 18 and in a creative writing class. My professor made us listen to it and write what we heard or felt or something - it's noise, so it doesn't go over well with the FIU crowd, or most crowds period. It always stayed with me and I've since been to numerous Noise Conferences, it's basically my favorite event besides Basel. I'm proud to be from Miami where we can make all the noise we want and it's always cool.

Here's the lineup: Weird Aleister Crowley, Pat McGuire, Ravelstein, John and Jim Camacho, Ed Wilcox, Dan Hosker, ZAC, Alex Diaz, Amanda Green, Bamboon I Quit Music, Kenny Millions, Ryan Flux, Sharlyn Evertsz, Steve Bristol, Even Pseudo-Friends Don't Sue Friends, Ed Wilcox, Rooster Walked in, Brian, Crack with a Bum, Josh Xmas, And So's Your Mother, Harpo, J.R. "BOB" DOBBS, go cherry rick

FB. I hate it, bro, but I can't help myself

Not because I'm so cool or anything, but more because I was

discussing stalking, I googled myself and I found that on Facebook,

I am a fan of:

Celebrities / Public FiguresMusicProductsStores

Of all the things that I'm actually into, much of this is accurate - dill pickles and pulled pork rule, so do cats and farts.
Sort of a masturbatory post, but you know what, it's my blog.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wizardly shit, bro

Drinking has always been one of those things that I enjoy wholeheartedly. I may complain about all the nasty unpleasant things in life that come with good, but the ugly side of drinking is more acceptable to me because the benefits are so manyfold. 

I was recently challenged to a drinking game, and as I am a huge fan of Asshole and Ring of Fire, I wanted to see what this one would bring. It was introduced to me by this guy below, Cory, and it's called the Wisest Wizard. 

Rules: after you finish a can, you tape your new beer above the last one and then continue drinking. Obviously the way you win is to have the longest staff. Isn't that kind of how it always works? Anyway, after three beers you can challenge another person to a shot. If they decline, you steal their cans and you staff grows (erection, anyone?).

This is how I technically won the game. I guess Cory won really, but Genevieve relinquished three of her cans to me! An old friend Andrew mentioned that some of his hipster friends in Knoxville play this, but the rules are a little different. I liked these rules, because I like the shots. There was no Jameson in the hood, so we did Captain and Coke shots, weak, but yummy.
Some perks of the game include that there is like nothing to clean up the next day but cans taped together. Easy clean up is big around my parts. 
Also, you can play limbo with your staff...

there's plenty of room on the table to play Cranium since it's top heavy, so you have to hold it all night... 
and you can balance them on your head like Ricky and his brother Jorge did, quite well, I might add.
Ultimately, the best part of the game is that I was the wisest wizard and I loved my long phallus.
I loved winning, but my hangover was fierce. Beware. I mean so fierce that it was painful. Next time I won't be so competitive and I'll eat more before drinking, but I definitely will play again. 

Friday, September 4, 2009

This weekend, bro

This is going down on Sunday. Maybe check it out? The Bunker - 261 NE 73 St. 
Also, Poplife moved to the Electric Pickle for Saturday and have fun being lazy on Monday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Awe-some, bro

This guy in eastern Texas is a self-taught carpenter, plumber and electrician and he makes low-income housing out of garbage. What a freaking inspiration. Makes me feel like a dumb loser who's now been inspired by a genius! I'm going to go make something. 

A few more NY spots

I'm flipping time around here, but who cares. I went down to the new High Line, a boardwalk with a historical slant that runs from the Meatpacking District to Chelsea. Originally constructed in 1930, trains ran cargo on this path though buildings, on the river. A section of the RR has been developed into a beautiful public park with native plants and non-native wood. Apparently they imported Brazilian hardwood from a raped rainforest to make the beautiful benches and these bleachers that overlook West 15th Street. It's really lovely and was a delightful walk. The foliage was wild and interesting, the boardwalk had creatively placed boards and the whole thing was great. Thumbs up.

Above are Liza and Sylvia watching cars whiz by and below is the downtown section of the High Line, with the new Standard Hotel in the background.
We ate at Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick. Of course we couldn't find it at first and wandered through the dark streets, we even got to peek into a wonton factory (it smelled yummy) before we found this place. Amidst warehouses, the Roberta's doors open to a warm restaurant with good food and even an organic garden on the roof outside. It was very sort of typical, as far as trendy NY restaurants go, good music, fancy beer, good looking crowd, industrial/brick/mismatched furniture, etc. Sort of some of the best New York has to offer within a price range and without being something other than "New York." It was there that my week of birthday drinking caught up to me. I had to buy something to soothe my belly on the way over to Berry Park, a beer garden with a nice view of the city and bunch of German beer. 
I thought the dirty tag above was pretty funny, well, I thought it was brilliant. It happened to be beyond hot in the city while I was there, so as you can see below, the A/C was definitely something we needed on our outing. 
We ended up at this bar in Williamsburg with the nicest employees ever, I mean EVER. So nice. They let us hang out after closing because it was rainy. Surf Bar had sand on the ground, which pleased me much! All you need is sand on the floor and I think - hey, this place is awesome! The drinks were elaborate and the crowd not too repulsive. I would return for sure. 

Hubby Hubby, bro

Ben and Jerry are gay. I mean, for sure, gay. It's perfect then that they live in Vermont! For this month, in celebration of gay marriage in the woodsy, liberal state, they're changing the name of Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby! I wish I could buy some myself, but I think it's only being sold in VT. Read here.

New York: first nights of my 30s

I'm still going to post a few pics from my trip to NY. I met up my Lil' Mondo on the town after dinner at Mercer Kitchen. As I walked down Houston, I saw the new mural by Os Gemeos which I had seen in the Times and some art blogs. It was actually quite impressive at night with the lights above. If you're up there, it looked better after dark.
Armando and I wandered about with some young male friends of his. One of them found this picture in a frame and I broke the glass and made it my own in this phone booth. I think I scared them by sticking my foot into the glass and ripping this out. I then felt like the oldest crazy broad in NY. It was kind of funny, because we ended up at Dark Room, which was one of the first bars I visited when I moved to NY in '06. The music was actually great (they played some Pet Sounds) and the little DJ guy (so familiar looking) even played This Must Be The Place for me and then the bartender gave me free drinks. Hello? Is NY getting better or am I getting better?
The next day I went shopping at Opening Ceremony and Top Shop. I had very limited funds, so I didn't really shop as much as look. Then I met up with my lovely friend Lorraine and we drank too many happy hour cocktails at this Latin place next to Odessa on Ave A.
We had an adventurous (wet) evening which took us to the penthouse bar at Hotel on Rivington, which had a spectacular view of the city. Floor to ceiling windows. More free drinks from the bartender. There are pictures up here, all of which I don't remember, and in which I remain a faceless disaster. I mean, I don't know who that girl is that I'm hugging or why we were hugging. Maybe we had the same birthday?

I ran into a friend the next day, Shawn, local rickshaw runner. You might recognize him from his former job in Coconut Grove or from his creative wardrobe. We went on a daylong mission to pick up his rickshaw from the shipping place in Brooklyn. In NY the rickshaw drivers ride bikes, but Shawn runs and drags people behind him, so he's sort of the first of his kind in Manhattan. Good luck to you, buddy!