Friday, September 4, 2009

This weekend, bro

This is going down on Sunday. Maybe check it out? The Bunker - 261 NE 73 St. 
Also, Poplife moved to the Electric Pickle for Saturday and have fun being lazy on Monday.


Bryan Lindeman said...

Hey. I like yer blog. Having only just learned of it, I can say that I'll definitely be attending some of the musical events you endorse in the future. I met this guy (Victor, I think his name was) from the Electric Bunnies, who referred me to your site on a conversational tangent. In fact, the raison d'être of this message is to invite you to a local event that might be up your alley; the Circus at Churchill's. Whether or not it succeeds in delivering good times or music is subjective, of course, but most would concede that it's a unique experience. Now's where I wonder if I've even held your interest this long, so guess I'll just keep going. We invite bands to play out on the back stage at Churchill's (which we've revamped, I'm happy to say), and then they jam together! The idea is to get a big melting pot of musicians from different backgrounds and with different musical ambitions and ideals on a stage together; the result is, IMO, a delicious experiment. We (a loose group of friends who like music) try our best to provide an open-ended musical trial where any and everyone is invited to participate, including most of the audience. This Wednesday, NBC's gonna be there to cover the Circus in response to Churchill's winning their "Best Music Venue in Miami" poll. Here's the link to the poll, if you're interested:

We're still in the process of legitimizing the event with, ya know, websites and stuff. Right now our only internet hub is a facebook group, but you can find pictures and videos there. Hope you make it out! (If this seems like a lot of effort to sell one person on this, it's because I meant it when I said I liked your blog.)

EAT said...

Thanks for the support! Hey, I'll do (almost) anything for Churchill's and I write for NBC, so I'm in. Please post the facebook group, I'd like to join.

Bryan Lindeman said...

Oh, how convenient! Here's the FB event and group links, respectively:

Please contact me via facebook so that I'll recognize you on Wednesday, although I'm sure you know Mr. C's secret handshake and can bypass the cover on your own.

EAT said...

Cool, bro. I hope the place is packed! I'll be facebooking you soon!