Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wizardly shit, bro

Drinking has always been one of those things that I enjoy wholeheartedly. I may complain about all the nasty unpleasant things in life that come with good, but the ugly side of drinking is more acceptable to me because the benefits are so manyfold. 

I was recently challenged to a drinking game, and as I am a huge fan of Asshole and Ring of Fire, I wanted to see what this one would bring. It was introduced to me by this guy below, Cory, and it's called the Wisest Wizard. 

Rules: after you finish a can, you tape your new beer above the last one and then continue drinking. Obviously the way you win is to have the longest staff. Isn't that kind of how it always works? Anyway, after three beers you can challenge another person to a shot. If they decline, you steal their cans and you staff grows (erection, anyone?).

This is how I technically won the game. I guess Cory won really, but Genevieve relinquished three of her cans to me! An old friend Andrew mentioned that some of his hipster friends in Knoxville play this, but the rules are a little different. I liked these rules, because I like the shots. There was no Jameson in the hood, so we did Captain and Coke shots, weak, but yummy.
Some perks of the game include that there is like nothing to clean up the next day but cans taped together. Easy clean up is big around my parts. 
Also, you can play limbo with your staff...

there's plenty of room on the table to play Cranium since it's top heavy, so you have to hold it all night... 
and you can balance them on your head like Ricky and his brother Jorge did, quite well, I might add.
Ultimately, the best part of the game is that I was the wisest wizard and I loved my long phallus.
I loved winning, but my hangover was fierce. Beware. I mean so fierce that it was painful. Next time I won't be so competitive and I'll eat more before drinking, but I definitely will play again. 


eldesaparecido said...

That is so fway. I totally learned something valuable today. Cheers!

James said...

Awesome. just awesome.
I also love the quote "easy cleanup is big around my parts"

And I would out wiz you anyday.

EAT said...

Out wiz me? Don't be so certain! I'm like a human keg that gets terrible hangovers.