Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bye bye, summer

Something kinda really neat is happening this Saturday. Ricardo Guerrero formerly (I think formerly) of Animals of the Arctic is putting on an all day festival in celebration of the end of summer, Death to the Sun. It's rare we get to see so many awesome local performers in one place, most with decidedly different sounds.

The whole thing is starting really early by Miami standards or rather by anyone's party standards. One p.m. type of early. Bring things that will help you remain cool or dry. You can come naked with an umbrella, but you might want to wear a bikini for the slip 'n' slide and grab a towel. It's at the American Legion (64th, east of Biscayne), so parking is free, the beers will be $2 and booze $3.50.

Here's the lineup - enjoy!
2:00 Space Voodoo Crystal
2:40 Ouija
3:20 Curious Hair
4:00 Danny Denim
4:40 Little Beard
5:20 Nived-N-Hydro
6:00 Surfer Blood
6:40 Weird Aleister Crowley
7:20 Flux Forces
8:00 BFGF
8:40 Raja Khan
9:20 This Heart Electric
10:00 Teepee
10:40 Ice Cream
11:20 HaHaHelp!
12:00 Electric Bunnies
12:40 Dino Felipe


Cherry said...

nope! animals of the arctic still recording, still ricardo and alex

EAT said...

Thanks, R.! I figured I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

terrible as always. miami blows.

Ricardo said...

I wish Anonymous would grow some balls. Stand by your dictions you fuck. Tell me your name. And get the fuck out of my city.

Yes! AOTA is back, and ready to eat your guts right out of your belly.