Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A few more NY spots

I'm flipping time around here, but who cares. I went down to the new High Line, a boardwalk with a historical slant that runs from the Meatpacking District to Chelsea. Originally constructed in 1930, trains ran cargo on this path though buildings, on the river. A section of the RR has been developed into a beautiful public park with native plants and non-native wood. Apparently they imported Brazilian hardwood from a raped rainforest to make the beautiful benches and these bleachers that overlook West 15th Street. It's really lovely and was a delightful walk. The foliage was wild and interesting, the boardwalk had creatively placed boards and the whole thing was great. Thumbs up.

Above are Liza and Sylvia watching cars whiz by and below is the downtown section of the High Line, with the new Standard Hotel in the background.
We ate at Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick. Of course we couldn't find it at first and wandered through the dark streets, we even got to peek into a wonton factory (it smelled yummy) before we found this place. Amidst warehouses, the Roberta's doors open to a warm restaurant with good food and even an organic garden on the roof outside. It was very sort of typical, as far as trendy NY restaurants go, good music, fancy beer, good looking crowd, industrial/brick/mismatched furniture, etc. Sort of some of the best New York has to offer within a price range and without being something other than "New York." It was there that my week of birthday drinking caught up to me. I had to buy something to soothe my belly on the way over to Berry Park, a beer garden with a nice view of the city and bunch of German beer. 
I thought the dirty tag above was pretty funny, well, I thought it was brilliant. It happened to be beyond hot in the city while I was there, so as you can see below, the A/C was definitely something we needed on our outing. 
We ended up at this bar in Williamsburg with the nicest employees ever, I mean EVER. So nice. They let us hang out after closing because it was rainy. Surf Bar had sand on the ground, which pleased me much! All you need is sand on the floor and I think - hey, this place is awesome! The drinks were elaborate and the crowd not too repulsive. I would return for sure. 

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Emily Sue said...

Yum. Roberta's. I miss that place. Glad you went.