Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, bros.

Click here for the photoshopped animals - not terribly interesting, but the chimp/MJ is disturbing and Jesus cat is funny.

'Tis my favorite holiday once again! I've been planning my "disguise" for almost a year now -- I'm nuts, I know. However, I only began the construction of my costume two days back and am only actually whipping out the glue gun today. Wish me well. If you see me tonight, just know that my costume is interactive, so please feel free to pick a song and see what happens.

As far as events go, I'll probably be keepin' it cheap at the house and then to OHWOW for a bit. Neck Face, the graffiti guy whose name is tagged all over NYC has a show up, and it's free, so yeah. There's a Gen Art event at the Awarehouse, but it costs $20 and I am poor as dirt, so unless someone wants to let me in for free, I won't be doing that. Busy P will be at Poplife tonight, go for a chance to sweat your costume off.

Well, maybe I'll see you later, maybe I won't. Either way, I'm warming up my vocals and wishing you all a happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust - PS14

OK, so tonight is the final party at PS14! I have had so many great, boring and terrible times there that I must say, I'm a bit sad it's over. I wrote a little something on NBC about it, but I thought I'd share some more personal experiences, blog-style.

I remember a time when I was spending like 5 out of 7 days a week sitting by the pool table, hovering out back or dancing a bit. I guess I was really bored with my life in general, but my friends were there, so I had to go! The casual feel made it easy to show up wearing anything at anytime. The same awesome people were always working there, ready with hugs and love.

There's something that's always been very real about PS. It's got a mini-club edge, though not obnoxious or flashy. The atmosphere is also not that of a boring, flavorless bar (think not Titanic). You could catch talented live musicians performing in an intimate setting and still have room to dance, mosh or loiter. Both MIA and Ariel Pink hung out there after their Miami shows, sort of local glam.

Sometimes it was fun to hang out and sometimes it was torture. In traditional So. Fla style, PS was never a stranger to drama. I've gotten into plenty of arguments there, some valid (with nasty people), others from heartbreak (shitty exes) and then there are the ones I excuse to the exuberance of drinking. I've thrown things, pool cues, drinks. I've cried there. Once, after eating a bad burger, I even threw up in the sink. Oh, nostalgia! Mostly though, I chatted with friends and I spent a lot of time hugging. Hugging and dancing, both were staples for me at PS.

The sucky thing is that, like all things in Miami, people lose interest in what works and want to try new things that probably don't work as well. I just wanted to say that Miami won't be the same without you, PS 14. It's been fun.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lookout Tuesday, bro

What is this? Debbie Deb performing tonight at the Delano? I just over-danced to "When I Hear Music" at two weddings, one in DC the other in LA. She bridges the east coast/west coast divide and will hopefully be heard at many events for years to come.

Weirds and Weirders

Tonight, Night of the Weirds is moving over to the American Legion on 64th St off Biscayne. I wrote up something here. My friend and former roomie Nathan (Stickyrice) mentioned that the Legion is like the new Polish American Club, and I thought, how accurate. Now the Legion just has to start pulling in some national acts like Tortoise or whatever the '09 version of Tortoise might be. I'm not that hip.

I've already written about how much I love this night. I think it makes me happy because it feels like there's an actual underground scene here in Miami. I mean, I'm sure there are groups of friends doing shit that feels underground or whatever, but this is a nebulous group of people, many who've been making music locally for many years, who perform as a community of different looks and sounds. Something cohesive but not consisting of inside jokes and exclusivity. Me likey.

Oh, and what is this? I heard that the ever mighty John Irving will be speaking at the Biltmore Hotel this Friday, merci a Books and Books!!!???
I must attend.
Until I Find You is by far the longest book I've ever read and possibly one of my favorite first 600 out of like 900 pages of any book ever. I tried to finish A Prayer for Owen Meany when I was 11, but I didn't. I had to ask my aunt what happened in the end. I obviously only really enjoyed the bizarre and perverted parts. I had to look up one word for every 200 I read. I got through an impressive 300 or so pages. I mean, I was eleven. Forgive me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMG, PS14, bro!

I didn't know PS14 was closing! How terrible! So sad.
I had so many good and bad times at PS, it'll be hard to say goodbye.
I'll probably be writing more about this later.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pot, bro!

For users and dealers of medical marijuana, good news, you may smoke and sell as you please! Apparently the DOJ is getting off of your ass, and just letting YOU do your thing.

With all the Obama drama, doubts and questions about the administration, it's hard to see what's really going on. It's good to see some things are on track and moving in the right direction.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

oops and stuff

I totally suck.
I didn't post this before, because I'm wedding it up this week, but you all should go down and check out Justin's art, if you can. His website is fun to look at, too.

Apparently Kiss is going to be here on Thursday. Is this true?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaving town, a neurotic rant

I am, in fact, heading out of town. Don't get too excited at my absence. I'm heading to Washington DC first, for my brother's wedding, and then straight out to Los Angeles for the uniting of my friends Stephanie and Flo.

Yes, this will be a long trek. It's always difficult to reconcile the mixed feelings traveling stirs up. It's an excruciatingly exciting experience. It's excruciating because of the tension created by leaving behind my home and especially leaving behind my cat (I just bought cat food and wine at Walgreens at midnight - feel free to mock away). My family's sixteen year old dog and her younger companion will be kept by friends and strangers. All I can think about is their fates. I just left a long contact list for my massive feline, in case he gets lonely. I wonder if I ever have children, will they ever leave my side?

The excruciating part of the experience is the anxiety that accompanies the leaving behind of your responsibilities and obligations. Anxiety is a cruel thing that creeps and strangles. I may start thinking casually about all the miles I'll be trapped in the cabin of an airplane over the next two weeks, but eventually that casual thought can turn into an all out hideous mental scenario that involves actual hyperventilation and tears.

The exciting part about leaving town includes the stuff optimists and people who cruise speak of. You get to get "away from it all." It's time to "focus on yourself" or "enjoy life." Of course, these are elements of the travel experience, but when I vacation, I don't enjoy downtime too much, I don't like to get too far away from a drug store, and I am focused on getting as much adventure and friend time out of each excursion. So, not very relaxing, but exciting in the best way possible. Enriching.

For instance, I'm leaving town to celebrate the union of four people to whom I am close. But weddings are excruciating in many ways, with their obligatory meetings and dinners, and the big day itself, so it takes extra effort to find time to spend quality with your friends and family and to make the experience exciting. While in DC, I'll be bombarded with family, and though I wanted to take a side trip to Harper's Ferry, I may not be able to. On the other hand, I'll be making a visit to Joshua Tree to recoup before flying home. Anyway, it'll be nice to see the whole crew and hopefully the reality won't be as stressful as it's looking in my mind.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Always something, bro

So, I went down to see a band just signed to Matador the other night, Harlem, at Sweat. Apparently the AC went kaput and the concert was moved to Churchill's. You will hear no complaints from me on that, I love my pitchers of Strongbow.

The problem was that I think I missed the band's performance, because I was doing research on my next greatest idea that in the light of day, and without the haze of alcohol, isn't quite that brilliant. It's not really brilliant at all. Anyway. I did hear some music that was possibly the band, and it was good. The Jacuzzi Boys are sounding a little more refined, a little more Zeppelin, a little less Seeds. I honestly had a great time, but I'm fully blaming that on the dark and stormys I finally managed to make at home and that one delicious Jameson shot I gulped down at the bar. Sure I had five minutes of intense stomach pain after that gulp, but it was worth it.