Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, bros.

Click here for the photoshopped animals - not terribly interesting, but the chimp/MJ is disturbing and Jesus cat is funny.

'Tis my favorite holiday once again! I've been planning my "disguise" for almost a year now -- I'm nuts, I know. However, I only began the construction of my costume two days back and am only actually whipping out the glue gun today. Wish me well. If you see me tonight, just know that my costume is interactive, so please feel free to pick a song and see what happens.

As far as events go, I'll probably be keepin' it cheap at the house and then to OHWOW for a bit. Neck Face, the graffiti guy whose name is tagged all over NYC has a show up, and it's free, so yeah. There's a Gen Art event at the Awarehouse, but it costs $20 and I am poor as dirt, so unless someone wants to let me in for free, I won't be doing that. Busy P will be at Poplife tonight, go for a chance to sweat your costume off.

Well, maybe I'll see you later, maybe I won't. Either way, I'm warming up my vocals and wishing you all a happy Halloween!

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