Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust - PS14

OK, so tonight is the final party at PS14! I have had so many great, boring and terrible times there that I must say, I'm a bit sad it's over. I wrote a little something on NBC about it, but I thought I'd share some more personal experiences, blog-style.

I remember a time when I was spending like 5 out of 7 days a week sitting by the pool table, hovering out back or dancing a bit. I guess I was really bored with my life in general, but my friends were there, so I had to go! The casual feel made it easy to show up wearing anything at anytime. The same awesome people were always working there, ready with hugs and love.

There's something that's always been very real about PS. It's got a mini-club edge, though not obnoxious or flashy. The atmosphere is also not that of a boring, flavorless bar (think not Titanic). You could catch talented live musicians performing in an intimate setting and still have room to dance, mosh or loiter. Both MIA and Ariel Pink hung out there after their Miami shows, sort of local glam.

Sometimes it was fun to hang out and sometimes it was torture. In traditional So. Fla style, PS was never a stranger to drama. I've gotten into plenty of arguments there, some valid (with nasty people), others from heartbreak (shitty exes) and then there are the ones I excuse to the exuberance of drinking. I've thrown things, pool cues, drinks. I've cried there. Once, after eating a bad burger, I even threw up in the sink. Oh, nostalgia! Mostly though, I chatted with friends and I spent a lot of time hugging. Hugging and dancing, both were staples for me at PS.

The sucky thing is that, like all things in Miami, people lose interest in what works and want to try new things that probably don't work as well. I just wanted to say that Miami won't be the same without you, PS 14. It's been fun.


Chris Mora said...

(last party is Friday... but this whole week is a giant farewell...)

Eddy said...

Very nicely put, Liz. And wow, I had no idea PS14 was closing!

What you mentioned about folks in Miami getting very quickly tired of places is completely on point. I'm surprised PS14 lasted as long as it did -- a testament to what a cool joint it truly was over the years. I too have incredible memories there... [sigh] but no crying though. (as The Cure taught me years ago)

By the way, love this blog. You had me at "bro".