Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Concert UpYours Dates

Just a few I wanted to mention:
Yo Majesty at Studio A on 5/23
Brazilian Girls at Circa 28 on 3/29
Caribou at Culture Room 4/5
Iron & Wine at Revolution on 4/12
Radiohead at that Amphitheater in WPB 5/5

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mark on Water

Here's the Vagabond picture of Mark:

It's all over & WMC

A huge chunk of Antarctic ice collapsed today.

Well, Miami, I'll tell you one thing. It's been a good run. If you stick around much longer, we might all just end up dying of skin cancer anyway, toasting away in the sweet afternoon sun. That, or maybe we'd perish from the repulsion that is the boring, annual electronic festival: the Winter Music Conference.

I understood when WMC was cool in the late 90s, when I saw Roni Size and Daft Punk perform- that shit was cool. Then I took it in stride when things turned completely lame, and there was nothing I wanted to hear at the Conference. However, now, as it gains momentum again, I just am confused. I thought the rave days died, but actually, they just morphed into this amorphous scene with terribly poorly dressed, white Fresh Prince of Bel Air-lookalikes, girls with ironed hair and bags under their eyes that say I'll blow you in the bathroom for coke and Euro-trash Europeans, all dancing to tremendously boring music. I will admit that some of the parties will probably be fun and some music danceable, but I just, overall, don't get it.

I think that what really irks me is Ultra. I would see Justice somewhere at some point, but, seriously, I gave up hanging out with people without colds or allergies or pneumonia sniffing Vicks, in 2001, at the latest. I don't understand how many times you can see Paul Van Dyk play and not want to shoot yourself. I mean, it was fun in NYC in '99, but Miami Beach '08, no way.

Drum and Bass is DEAD. It was fun at Mission on Thursday nights, but it is very much a genre that needs to become silent. I'm sorry to repeat myself, but I'm just so confused about the whole thing. Did people not get it 10 years ago and they're just catching on now, or have they been into it this whole time, neglecting all new musical acts that have emerged over the last decade?

Please don't be offended, my friends who love WMC. I still respect you. I care about you. I just think it's time to move on.

Monday, March 24, 2008


You can't beat this.
The dog honors the Buddha with his owner, a monk. Click on the picture.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bad Stupids, bro

People who won't vaccinate their children should be removed from society. Seriously, if you won't protect the good of the whole, you shouldn't be allowed to reap the benefits of a social system. Look at those rich, white bitches who don't care if your child gets their child's SMALL POX. I really wouldn't let my imaginary kids play with theirs.
Read the NY Times article that infuriates me.
The CDC doesn't find a link between autism and vaccines.

The New I/O

So, I went to the opening of the new I/O, now called The Vagabond. Gay name? Yes. Neighborhood appropriate? Yes. The homeless were out, en masse, last night... and so were the gays.

I have been jonesing to go to a good party at I/O for the past 2 1/2 years, I miss the good times I had there. Last night was pretty fun. I danced dorkily to Depeche Mode, Stones, and they played cheesy South Beach music from when I used to go to Bar Room, Daft Punk. The music in the front room seemed to be an homage to the old Poplife. The back room was playing trance and electronic remixes of "Don't Stop Believin'" and Black Box's "Everybody, Everybody" (honestly a dance hit CLASSIC. Jessenia and I danced).

The Vagabond looks like a South Beach hangout. I guess it's ok, but they don't have a stage anymore, which means they probably won't be hosting any bands. I was thrilled to see that the backyard retained some of its charm, with the cement blocks on the ground. I took a kick ass picture of this guy Mark hovering over the strange Feng Shui water/fire fountain. He looks like Christ, walking on water, which is seasonally appropriate. Whatever with that fountain, I guess they felt the need to spice up the outdoor area. It was fun last night, probably won't be tonight.

The Vagabond

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patrick's Day at John Martin's: Green Boobs and Beer

Calle Ocho 2008: Street Meat, Jose El Rey, Sammy and Liz


Protests are taking place all over the country today to show our discontent about the war in Iraq (5 years and running!).
I think there's one by the Torch of Friendship downtown by Bayside, there's another on South Beach at 7 p.m. at Lummus Park on Ocean Drive.

Friday, March 14, 2008

this crazy weekend

This weekend, Jen Stark has an opening, click below:

Calle Ocho is on Sunday:

Saint Patrick's Day is Monday (!) and we'll be at John Martin's shooting Jameson, Irish Carbombs and drinking green beer: