Friday, March 21, 2008

The New I/O

So, I went to the opening of the new I/O, now called The Vagabond. Gay name? Yes. Neighborhood appropriate? Yes. The homeless were out, en masse, last night... and so were the gays.

I have been jonesing to go to a good party at I/O for the past 2 1/2 years, I miss the good times I had there. Last night was pretty fun. I danced dorkily to Depeche Mode, Stones, and they played cheesy South Beach music from when I used to go to Bar Room, Daft Punk. The music in the front room seemed to be an homage to the old Poplife. The back room was playing trance and electronic remixes of "Don't Stop Believin'" and Black Box's "Everybody, Everybody" (honestly a dance hit CLASSIC. Jessenia and I danced).

The Vagabond looks like a South Beach hangout. I guess it's ok, but they don't have a stage anymore, which means they probably won't be hosting any bands. I was thrilled to see that the backyard retained some of its charm, with the cement blocks on the ground. I took a kick ass picture of this guy Mark hovering over the strange Feng Shui water/fire fountain. He looks like Christ, walking on water, which is seasonally appropriate. Whatever with that fountain, I guess they felt the need to spice up the outdoor area. It was fun last night, probably won't be tonight.

The Vagabond

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JIS said...

I <3 Vag(abond)