Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weirds and Weirders

Tonight, Night of the Weirds is moving over to the American Legion on 64th St off Biscayne. I wrote up something here. My friend and former roomie Nathan (Stickyrice) mentioned that the Legion is like the new Polish American Club, and I thought, how accurate. Now the Legion just has to start pulling in some national acts like Tortoise or whatever the '09 version of Tortoise might be. I'm not that hip.

I've already written about how much I love this night. I think it makes me happy because it feels like there's an actual underground scene here in Miami. I mean, I'm sure there are groups of friends doing shit that feels underground or whatever, but this is a nebulous group of people, many who've been making music locally for many years, who perform as a community of different looks and sounds. Something cohesive but not consisting of inside jokes and exclusivity. Me likey.

Oh, and what is this? I heard that the ever mighty John Irving will be speaking at the Biltmore Hotel this Friday, merci a Books and Books!!!???
I must attend.
Until I Find You is by far the longest book I've ever read and possibly one of my favorite first 600 out of like 900 pages of any book ever. I tried to finish A Prayer for Owen Meany when I was 11, but I didn't. I had to ask my aunt what happened in the end. I obviously only really enjoyed the bizarre and perverted parts. I had to look up one word for every 200 I read. I got through an impressive 300 or so pages. I mean, I was eleven. Forgive me.

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