Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miami Summers are Long

Death to the Sun, an all-day, all-night festival at the American Legion, took place last Saturday. It was a great combination of cheap drinks, good music and neat people. I know, I will be criticized for having fun, but I actually did have a really good time with quite a few people that don't suck.

I showed up at about 10:30 and stayed until 2 or something. I caught a decent buzz for under $20. I think that since the whole affair was spread over such a long time, it was hard to know when the bands were playing and they were spread out, so I really only saw three acts, but there were DJs too, so music was constant.

The band Raja Khan (above) had a good sound with a rockin' sax player and a good look with a sequined singer. I think they're playing again at Churchill's on Wednesday. Thanks to Nick for giving me a heads up.

Aiden Dillard, the director and artist (Death Print), walked around in a gold lame thong, mildly harassing people who were milling about. Diego from the Jacuzzi Boys got a haircut (below) and so I was asked to document. Please freely comment any of your feelings about the new 'do. I think it takes 10 years off of his age. In other words, I think it makes him look 12, but in a good way! Diego's actually one stylish dude, so I wouldn't be surprised if every wannabe in town jumped on the middle school hair bandwagon by next week.

The bartenders were hugely overwhelmed, so it was a mission and a half (bro) to get a beer, so I wisely double fisted. Someone (lovely) suggested opening the sliding doors between the bar area and the room where the band was playing so more people could see the performers. Maybe for next time. The whole event may become a monthly affair at the Legion, which I'm all for. I think they did a wonderful job promoting and executing the event. Bravo.

There was a herd of folks dressed as either British bobbies or Harry Potter who apparently moved from a b-day party over to the Legion. They brought with them this sort of Medieval, mixed race, mariachi band (above). Man, there is nothing that gets my tears moving faster than some mariachi motherfunkers and these guys were great. So whose ever birthday it was, thanks and happy, happy to you.


Anonymous said...

stylish dude? since when was looking like a crackhead stylish? hipsters, BRO.....

Anonymous said...

If you got there at 10:30 then you missed half the show. Super Miami

swampthing said...

dig golden speedodude