Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Heat Lightning: for you to bookmark


I have been working on a new website which I hope you will all read much, much more frequently than you have read Miami, bro. It's not that I'm not grateful for your Miami, bro reading time, because I am (I luv u) but, a new site with more content will offer you more quality opportunities for laughing and crying (and snoozing).

The Heat Lightning is a collaborative project I'm working on with Alesh, which we will be launching today. Contributors will be some of the smarties we know from around this town, and around the world. We want to show the expanding universe how we think all the way down here in tropical SOFLA, and what we think about what is going on out there. Many of those writing for the website are from other cities around the country, but all of them (so far) have a perspective that is not without Miami sensibilities. We all read about what people are wearing and listening to in other cities, but what do people like here in our hometown?

Our critical, nagging voices will be heard!

The Heat Lighting is going to try to be funny most of the time. Major goals are to entertain, inform and amuse. If we fail at these things, leave us mean, hateful comments. Don't worry, we can take it. Just read regularly (please) and pass us along.

I'll continue to post here about Miami based events and stuff I'm up to, so it's all good (I knew you were super-duper concerned. No fear, my kitties). Miami will always be bro, and so will you.

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chris riordan said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog... just moved to Miami from New York. I was wondering if you are looking for more people to collaborate with on Heat Lightning. I used to write for the Buffalo Beast ( and the preJackass skateboard magazine Big Brother and am looking for something to work on here in Miami. I've been known to cause a few chuckles. Please send me an email... thanks,