Friday, November 9, 2007

NO MOZ, some Chloe

Tragically, Morrissey was out of commission last night, and his illness RUINED my evening! Anyway, I'm so sad about it. All day I had him on my mind, and it was a tragedy for me. Then, on top of losing out on singing along with my hero, Ticketmaster charged me $4.80 as a processing fee for the refunded tickets!

Enough complaining. We went to this bar on Miami Beach instead, Abraxas, on Meridian and 4th, and it had a great beer selection. However, on top of the yummy beer, Chloe Sevigny was there, drunk as hell, in a leopard print dress. I'll have a pic to post later. I was impressed, not by her acting or style, but rather that she was in such a random place on Miami Beach.

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