Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend in November

Saturday night's gallery walk was really busy. Maybe it was the sweet, cool weather, but the streets were full of people out and about, scouting for drinks and glancing at art. I arrived pretty late, and I missed bands playing at the Dorsch but I liked all the work at the Space Command show. I was a little intimidated by Nick's interactive piece, but I thought it was really kick ass and I think he's a genius, or something like that. It's just that I don't want to touch art. I want the person I'm with to do it, and if they fuck something up, I'm out.

Then we went to Amendment XXI and I have to say, Edgar was spinning some pretty danceable music. I was thrilled to hear some good, old-fashioned dancey tunes, from Buju to Deee-Lite (yeah, I'm old and cheesy, so what?). There were free drinks for ladies 11-12.

We then went to this new Poplife night at the White Room. The highlight was the photo booth that was hooked up to a large screen. I pretty much don't remember most of the pictures taken, but here's a taste, and I'm in there. Oh boy, am I there. Anyway, who in Miami hasn't seen my ass?!

So, I drank too much and showed too much skin. But I had fun. I thought the new venue was refreshing, the bartender was really nice and generous and I love inside/outside partying.

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Emily Sue said...

Oh my god. Sorry, I forget to look at your blog b/c I don't have it bookmarked at work. Need to get on that.