Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know that every Cuban in Miami wants to crucify me when I start talking about this topic. But the truth is that, as very unCuban as I am, I know quite a bit about the history of this nation. What really offends them is my view on the subject.

Regardless of any judgements of Marxism or communism or revolutions, I think that Fidel & his crew really accomplished one of the major goals, as I perceive it, of the Cuban Revolution: independece from American capitalist control. Before you say anything, I get it, Cuba has, generally speaking, in many ways, indulged in the fruits of capitalism as of late. However, they have managed to successfully keep the US at bay. Now, I believe, embargos, and such, on Cuba from the US give the Cuban government what they want from us and those who fled the country, a hands off approach. Also, Castro was successful, thus far, in not satisfying the bloodlust of Cuban Americans by probably dying, or hiding, and hiding the info for a year or so before the government sets in place a new governing body. Fine, it's not democratic, and yes, it's Castro appointed, but it's something. It's a group of guys ruling policy affairs... pretty much standard around the world.

OK, now let's look at China and Cuba and Puerto Rico and the US briefly. We have these Marxist revolutions at different times, different cultures, similar outcomes. Certainly, we can agree, that China's revolution was one of the most traumatic (Cultural Revolution), and certainly, much of the nation is still underserved, but imagine what would have happened if there had been no revolution. Chinese people were so malnourished that their eyes were rotting in their own skulls, women's feet were broken and bound --- and it was sexy?! Now we're looking at China, shitting our pants, running out to learn Mandarin, thinking they're the next fucking superpower! Incredible, no? Cuba was on the PR track before the Revolution. Americans basically owned the island and its industry (sugar went north). You may note how great the PR is doing now, but they have given over their independence to the US. They will be the next state in the Union, they already vote in our elections, their culture will fade soon enough. Also, to note, Cubans ALL have health care and are literate. Can't say the same for the US or PR.

All in all. Call me a commie, call me red. I'm just giving a point of view. I love America, when it's good. I think democracy rocks! But I think there's room for improvement, and in a postmodern world, also room for variety.


Anonymous said...

Oh, postmodern world. Reading that Eggers again? Oh yay, McSweeney's. How hip.

Bottom line about Cuba: If you had a blog and you typed anything agains the government on it, something bad would happen to you.

That, my friend, is a shithole.

EAT said...

Hey, actually, not knowing how to read or write a blog is what trully sucks.
BTW, I only like that one Eggers' book, and I like What is the What quite a lot.
My MA thesis, which I wrote before probably before Eggers published, focused on postmodernism, so I'm familiar with the topic.

londont said...

Calm bobby, you clearly missed the point on this one. First of all, there are quite a few places where something bad would happen to you if you wrote something against the government. Try "democratic" Russia or even the United States where civil liberties have been severely eroded over the past 6 years and see what happens.

Additionally, it's time to stop being one-sided on matters and acknowledge that certain things have been succesful (education, health care).

Lastly, your comment regarding Cuba being a shithole inherently ignores more than 20 obvious country candidates where sub-standard living conditions are commonplace (Indian sub-continent, Sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa and even neighboring Haiti).

There is no clearly no utopia in the modern world, but if we were open to learning from those societies which have implemented somewhat succesful models we would all be better off.

Anonymous said...

So you got a problem with my blog? There's some sheer brilliance on it.

londont, if you believe the information coming from Cuba is factual, well, you're an idiot. Everything there is manipulated.

Edwin said...

On a more productive conversational note than inane commentary, have you seen East of Havana? It's a documentary about the grassroots Cuban rap culture that came out in film festivals in 2006. It's a great opportunity to see a rather unfiltered and unobstructed internal glimpse moment of the 20-something crowd down there. Emotional roller coaster-ish