Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rundown of the Chromeo Show

I actually did get into the Chromeo show for free, but only because I was rude to the right guy, I guess. My friend, who is known for sneaking into anyplace that charges, encouraged (forced) me to walk quickly into a side entrance at The Fifth, but we got busted. The guy ended up being a promoter, and after I told him, not so nicely, to get his hands off me, he told the door guys not to let us in. My sly friend apologized to the promoter for our bad move, but he wanted me to grovel, so I said, tersely, "sorry" and he let us in free. People like attitude, even if it's a shitty.
Then we got free tee-shirts, there's the guy making them right below. My friend and I got our pics taken and apparently they stole my boobs for the pic. I couldn't look more titless. There's me and the Jewish guy from Chromeo. The Fifth was packed and actually a really kind of cool, Cameo-esque set up (as noted by Jessenia). The drinks were nauseatingly expensive. Next time I'll probably bring my own.


JIS said...

I want to break into hot booty poppin shows with you... i got bitch like no one (well except maybe you)

krylonultraflat said...

Hahahhaah nice picture.