Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Weekend Starts... NOW

Wednesday (otherwise known as today, this day, now): Go to Vagabond for La Quinceanera, featuring Miami bass favorites, Alex Caso, Jose El Rey and Otto. Drop it like it's hot.

Friday: Must go to the Cinco de Mayo party at the Upper East Side Garden on 69th Street. Dress like FRIDA KAHLO for look-alike competition. Get there early, before 9:00!!! Drink too much, then on to Churchill's to see the Jacuzzi Boys and Dino. Take shots, drink cider.

Sunday: Listen to Torche rock at Churchill's. Take more shots, drink more cider. Drunkenly threaten, "Girl, I'll mosh you" to anyone in your path. Buy Torche's new album at Sweat Records.


JIS said...

dying to go to the Quincenera tonight at Vag.

Alx Czo said...

show us the love!