Monday, January 12, 2009

THE Inauguration Party to Attend

What better place to watch the first half-African president get sworn into office than at Churchill's?
Human Services Coalition (HSC) will be hosting Hail to the Community Organizer in Chief on January 20th; it will cost $10, but it's for a good cause since all proceeds will go to HSC. If I weren't going to Washington, I'd definitely want to celebrate this historic occasion with these people. They are dedicated to building up the Miami-Dade community, and enacting policies that actually benefit people. They know what changes are important, and they actually do something about it.

Here's what HSC says about the event:
Being president of the United States is kind of like being a community organizer.... That's why Human Services Coalition (HSC) and its supporters invite you to celebrate the election of our first Community Organizer in Chief. We'll watch this historic occasion together and toast the arrival of the new administration. Join us for trivia games, cake, and well wishes for the new president. Cost: $10 (includes a champagne toast) The ceremony begins at 11:30 a.m., so arrive early to get a good seat and to claim your glass of bubbly. All proceeds benefit HSC. Visit


Marco said...

being that my DC plans have gone down the toilet like so many wayward turds...i'll park it @ ol' churchy's

eldesaparecido said...

HSC Represent.