Monday, January 5, 2009

SNL Represents in Congress - Finally!

Al Franken, author of one of the funniest books of all time, Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, was just declared the winner of the long debated and recounted race for one of the two Minnesota senatorial seats. 
Read about it here
I think Franken as Stuart Smalley sums it up nicely: 


Mark Weaver said...

Franken supports the oppression of Palestinians. Example: when Air America tried to plug fellow host Mike Malloy on Franken's show, Franken refused to let the promo run. Malloy is for two states but won't mince words in criticizing the Israeli government's policies.

For more on the Gaza crisis check out my radio show at

EAT said...

I must say that not every politician I would support will be 100% politically or personally aligned with my own views. That's ludicrous. We are diverse people with different life experiences.

Your example doesn't prove that Franken supports the current bombing of Gaza. I'm sure he supports the existence of a state of Israel, he is Jewish. There are many Jews who support Palestinian rights, and many who don't. That's another million stories to be told elsewhere.

Liberal politics have been saturated with anti-Arab/pro-Zionist propaganda and policies for a long time (Hillary Clinton). Does that mean that I would reject all the wonderful things liberal policies stand for and produce? No way! That's extremism.

I am not a one issue voter. I would possibly even vote for Kucinich even though he's pro-life, because he supports all other things that are right in this world, including the founding of a Department of Peace.

I am horrified by anti-Arab sentiments, and by what that produces in people emotionally, and what it makes happen in the world. I understand that no one person is perfect, that politicians pander and people come to the table with many different backgrounds, and that is not all bad.
That's why democracy done right is so great. Different imperfect people coming together to get closer to perfection through a variety of ideas.

Truly, I think the world will be terribly ashamed once it looks back on what we've allowed to happen to the Palestinians. But until then, we have to continue to support what we believe in.