Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is how I feel, MD Fan Club!!!!

Thanks for forwarding Fafi and Alfonso and thanks to those who support my right to be irreverent and, well, just who support my right to be me. 


Bill said...

"You know what I get? You are trying to belittle me here. You left out about 100 other better points I made as to why I took the picture."

No ... not trying to belittle you.

I just thought the whole incident was silly.

I understand why celebrities get annoyed. Part of it is because of the paparazzi and part of it is because of fans who don't know when to quit.

As a celebrity sometime photographer I always walk that fine line between being polite and annoying. But I don't stalk celebs or climb over the walls to their house. THere are those who do.

I'm sure if we were talking about this in person I'd probably cut you some slack.

I don't agree with you saying that Damon is a monkey and pPop life is his cage. I think at some point celebs are entitled to some space.

Marco said...