Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bro, that is noisy, bro

Tonight is a pretty hot night for music in Miami, if you're me and/or you think like me. I'm super psyched to hit up the smelliest place in Miami tonight (or maybe any night, for that matter). The dirtiest noise boys will be descending upon Churchill's for the International Noise Conference. Expect some of Miami and international noise music bests, including Dino Felipe and Amanda Green. Looks like tonight's performances will be mostly Miami-folk, tomorrow - Tampa-ites and Saturday - the rest of America.

It'll be a blast. While you're over there trying to get laid by a filthy midwestern teenager, make sure to hit up Sweat Records, right next door, where Pocket of Lollipops will be performing. Doors open at 8 and there's no cover, thus no excuses.