Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A potentially curious Friday

I used to love cassette singles. It's true. When I was in elementary school, very little of the music I wanted to yell along with warranted the purchase of the whole album. I mean, unless you were talking about Poison, because I definitely invested all the way with Brett and the boys. But, I didn't want the whole Paula Abdul tape. Come on. I got the single.

Anyway, this Friday, 8 p.m. at Sweat Records, Roofless Records is releasing two "cassingles" by Miami artists Curious Hair and Flux Forces. My one story here is that I think one of my ex-boyfriends had a Curious Hair t-shirt like a good million years ago. It was green and I really liked it; I always wanted to steal it. Because of this shirt, when someone threw a Curious Hair bumper sticker on my car, I let it stay. You're welcome for the free advertising (and press).

To celebrate the night, performing acts include Little Beard, Curious Hair, Flux Forces and Xela Zaid. Pricing goes like this: $3 cover, $4 cover and a new release of your choosing, $5 cover and both new releases.

Here's some more information on the artists and the record label from the press release:
Through various incarnations, Curious Hair has been a staple of Miami independent and experimental music since the early 90s. Their new tape on Roofless Records, Hair Does Humbert, applies their brand of lo-fi garage folk rock to covers of two songs written by “Hialeah’s Weezer” a.k.a. Humbert

Flux Forces is the new electro solo project from the drummer of experimental punk/noise duo hahahelp! His new cassette on Roofless Records, wetdream, documents a pair of exquisite, hazy pop anthems for all the lonely slackers looking to soften their hangovers in the new decade.

Based in Miami, Florida, Roofless Records promotes experimental music by way of vinyl and cassette releases, live music events, and commentary on the Roofless Rex blog. (


nico said...

i had the whole paula abdul tape and LOVED it.

EAT said...

Oh, yeah you did. Did you memorize all of her choreography, as well? That was her strong suit.

Anonymous said...

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