Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snugg it out, LC

Lauren Conrad will be at Books and Books later today. I really want to go because I see something in LC that I just can't explain. Sure she appears vacuous, but I think there's something behind that demure silence that could be human. Maybe it's just her cute, Marsha Brady look that make me like her. I guess everyone at B&B will find out the truth about LC tonight, or maybe not. If you attend, I'd love a signed copy (thanks in advance).

Also, this Friday, I'll be participating in a Snuggie pub crawl. I, like the rest of America, received a (pink) Snuggie from my mother this holiday season. I say season because my mom got the last one on super-sale at CVS way after X-mas and thought I might want one. It's sort of like when she bought me Z. Cavariccis in high school, well after they were on clearance at Ross. The message behind the Snuggie crawl is not clear, so I'll assign one now. It's important to stay warm and comfy, with free hands, while drinking. I hope we look like an intoxicated cult and that people will spot us from their windows and join us with their Snuggies in our adventure.

After the crawl, on to enjoy Fire and Ice at the gay, neighborhood bar Vlada. It's Valentine's weekend, so I kinda hope some of you find that desperate someone to hook up with at the bar on this holiday of deep disappointment. Maybe that person will look like this, but without those scary sandals:

Scott Stewart - Chicago Sun-Times


sylvia said...

Mine is electric blue. I love it but its too long on me. Maybe i should have it professionally altered?

EAT said...

Mine is at least 2 feet too long. If you actually get it altered professionally, I want to hear all about it! I was thinking of making mine into a shorter, sexier Snuggie and letting my friends use the rest to snuggify themselves. We'll see what happens.

nailsbyasians.com said...

fire and ice?
as in night club in miami from the 1980s?

EAT said...

Yes. You would have loved it! I was exhausted though and didn't last long.