Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Art, Palestinians and Street Meat

  • This appears to be the site of a British photographer, Sam Seager. He's in Japan and some of his pictures are outta control. They make me want to go to this dreary Japan of my dreams. I'm usually completely disinterested in visiting. Besides the fact that the country is entirely too long a plane ride away, the pictures of Tokyo always seem so busy and bright. This miserable Japan with the scary laughing beer man makes my insides grumble with desire.
  • I am very psyched about the Palestinian non-violence movement that's been gaining popularity. There's nothing more heartwarming to me than a people who have been oppressed and beaten down finding within them the strength to say no in a way that doesn't involve real violent destruction. You can't always win with boycotts and marches, but it makes you look a lot less like an asshole to the rest of the world. PR accounts for a lot in public policy and perception. No one's going to pay for your Molotov cocktail, but they might rally behind your peaceful protest.
  • A friend of mine, Natasha Duwin, makes amazing art that'll make you think of vaginas. She weaves and embroiders and uses non-traditional materials like feathers and twigs to make beautiful and unique works of art. That's one of her mixed-media creations below. I am proud to have one of her woven, feathery vags on my wall at home. It reminds me of what I'm made of.
There will be an opening reception at Artformz (171 NW 23rd St.) from 7-10 this Saturday for Natasha and Henning Haupt.
  • Also art walk related, I see that Michael's Genuine Cuisine has a food cart which will be making an appearance on Saturday in the Design District. How is it possible that I haven't eaten the entire cart by now? I'm not going to lie, I'm disappointed that my tongue hasn't touched every part of that rolling restaurant yet. I think this Saturday will be the day of reckoning for my belly and that food.

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