Sunday, April 11, 2010

Deez Gritz or Some Bites are Better Than Others

On Saturday night, I was more interested in napping and watching a Joan Baez documentary than just about anything in the entire world. Even my growling stomach, which was becoming a huge issue, couldn't move me from my pillow. Eventually, after the pains became debilitating and the documentary neared the end, I motivated. I made it only as far as the Design District to try the Michael's Genuine Cuisine food cart.

First of all, good news, Brownes & Co. has an ATM inside (thanks, guys!), so I was able to pay the cash only. I ordered the main meal, described above, pork shoulder on grits. I was expecting too much, I admit, but as the title says, some bites were better than others. There'd be one that was really on target, full, balanced flavors and then the next would be like a confused mix of mismatched tastes. I wolfed it down in 20 seconds though and I obviously liked it enough to grab the dessert, a peanut butter smores. This I couldn't finish, because I'm not a peanut butter obsessive or anything and it was like eating a paste (a good paste).

I have to say, good attempt. I am excited at the prospect of food carts catching on in Miami. In LA and NY and many other cities, this is the way to eat when not at home or at a restaurant, and it serves well. I love street meat. That's right, I said it. It's damn good. It's fast food that's still greasy, but is actual food. Nothing like it. Anyway, I fear though that this food cart trend won't actually catch on and we'll only have this one fancy one hanging around for like a month or two and then back to the s.o.s. Let's keep it coming. I'm hungry.

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Kizzy said...

damn I missed the truck and i was sooo close. it looks like a good hot mess.