Friday, April 2, 2010

Matters of maryjane, Malkmus, music, bikes, buses, and bros

Harold and Kumar may be coming out with a 3-D X-mas movie. New York Magazine alerts lovers of the Asian duo of this potential BLOCKBUSTER. OK, blockbuster is debatable, at least let me claim cult classic on this one, definitely a Miami, bro favorite.
Given that Kal Penn is part of the Obama admin, a screening on the White House lawn would be a sweet swift kick in the nuts of the GOP, a sort of thanks for nothing from the gays, potheads and people with preexisting conditions around the nation (equality now, legalize it, health care, yes!).
A truly, very funny "Public Apology" from Dave Bry at The Awl to Stephen Malkmus.
True story, the other day I repeated an embarrassing thought I had to a friend. I told her that I had recently fantasized about how jealous my exes and friends would be if Stephen Malkmus were my boyfriend. It really doesn't get geekier than that. Feel free to mock me a-holes, but I'm sure you've thought the same thought, or something similar, you're just too pussy to admit it.
Thrifting in Tampa, anyone? Do I smell a day trip? Oh, wait, I forgot I have $8 in my bank account for the next week. I love working and not being able to pay my credit card debt and buy used clothes.
Oooh, horror story. I was on Ocean Drive and 2nd on Wednesday, after work, and I ran into some friends on bikes. We said hi and chatted for a sec, when suddenly, I heard a loud pop and crack and I looked to my left and saw that a huge bus had run over a bike. I thought, how strange that a bike might be in the middle of the street like that. Then we heard the screaming. The bike wasn't alone.
The bus driver got out, yelled and went back in to move the bus, though I didn't see it move much. I went over to look and the man was conscious, in a helmet and going for his cell phone. It wasn't clear whether the bus had dragged him or ran directly over his legs. They were pretty beat up with abrasions and some visible bones. Talk about a trauma, bro. The most amazing thing to me was trying to imagine that this gigantic, 10-ton bus rolled over this 170 lb. human and he was not dead. My dad said the rubber tires help distribute the pressure or something (I prob misunderstood him), but still, that bus was filled with people. Truly horrible.
I know you don't have party plans this weekend, and I know you like good music (or at least you pretend to), so here's something for Saturday. You're welcome.
Animal Tropical (formerly Down Home Southernaires) is one of the most talented Miami bands, just coming back from a tour (or been back. I like the drama of the "just," forgive me). At Cinema Sounds 6, you can check out "historic" Little Havana and hear some serious Miami musica. No excuses.


SuperBee said...
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Emily Sue said...

I'm terrified by the bus accident. Nightmare time!

Credit card debt - I figure if I just put off paying it eventually I'll die and it will disappear. Or maybe there will be an astronomic economic collapse and all the credit card companies will fail? A girl can dream...

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Anonymous said...

Love me some Dave Bry.

- Rog

Nicolette said...

ewww, that bus thing is gross. how horrific. truly.