Monday, April 19, 2010

I caved - Twitter, bro

I finally joined Twitter. I fear this will be the downfall of Miami, bro, but I move forward bravely into the unknown.

For way too long, my friend Alesh has been using mind control to get me to tweet, and I successfully resisted! But, on this terribly rainy day, with nothing else going on, I caved. Hopefully this will not make me irrelevant and foolish, although, I fear I am both of those things already. So, I guess I mean, I hope this will not make me more irrelevant and foolish.

Wish me well as I move into the dark unknown of this ridiculous phenomenon.


alesh said...

I was the only one bugging you to get on twitter? Really??

I don't think twitter will make you any more foolish, although it might make whatever foolishness you have that much more visible. As for "relevant", this is some sort of Hipster Runoff word that I no longer understand the meaning of.

EAT said...

I feel like relevant is a big Chuck Klosterman word.

I'm not getting into it right now, but I think irrelevant was a relevant word here.