Friday, January 4, 2008

Caucus, bro

Hey, so, I was watching CSI or something like that last night, totally engrossed in the morbid tale. Then the results from the Iowa caucus popped up on screen and that crazy political flea bit me in the butt again. OBAMA! I know this vote is mostly irrelevant, but wow, go Obama! Obama is going to stick it to your mama! That's my suggestion for a campaign slogan.

Can we talk honestly? I have always said that we'd have an ethnic minority president before a female and that it probably wouldn't happen within this century. I mean, and of all the females, Hillary? Ain't gonna happen. But Obama... he seems so perfect, except that America is incredibly racist and his freaking name is Obama (Obama vs. Osama--- my other slogan or Obama 1, Osama 0). I swear there is no way some backwoods Deliverance types or suburban men with tiny penessss will vote a half-black man into office. Yet that hope still burns in me that we'll get a lady or someone who can actually tan, or just be naturally tan in office before 2100. I like Obama. I'll take one of those, please.

The Utne Political Blog reports that God actually endorsed Mike Huckabee... or at least that's what a lawn sign in Iowa says. Quality. I love middle America. Fuck evolution and women's choices, this is God's providence! The fact that Huckabee doesn't believe in evolution means that I must change his name here to Mike Hickabee... corny, I know, but necessary. We are evolved from monkeys. Not Davie Jones Monkees, but actual primates.

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Emily Sue said...

Some random website I was looking on a year or two ago had hilarious slogans for various candidates, my favorite was "We will, we will Barack you."
Good times.
I agree. But I also think we will have an ethnic minority AND a woman as president before we have a Jew - sad, sad.