Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hot, bro.

I feel like the day you realize that you're officially old is the day you accept that you want to be with Daniel Day-Lewis, forever. That was me, yesterday. DDL is the older lady's hot boy. Sexy, intense, and check out that acting!
There Will Be Blood is an amazing adaptation of an Upton Sinclair novel, with steaming hot DDL burning up the screen. The movie could be considered slowish and the subject matter potentially boring, but really, this movie was all about the acting, the soundtrack by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood (very Hitchcock-ian) and Paul Thomas Anderson letting the actors act. The best scene is when Paul Dano "saves" DDL. He's screaming, "I have abandoned my child." You really get that moment with his character as a human, not just a sociopath. I always like the religious epiphany, especially when it's happening to a sexy man.
Anyway. I love Daniel Day and I want to marry him.

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Emily Sue said...

I was working an event once when I was an intern. Rebecca Miller came in and since I was sitting at the registration table talked to me. She said "If my husband, DANIEL DAY LEWIS, comes in, will you let him know what table I'm at?"

I wonder if she just likes to say, my husband, Daniel Day Lewis, because she can? Jerk.