Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec. 2 - a hot, drunk mess day one

I started the evening at Art Miami, which was relatively not fabulous, but worth hitting up for the free Grolsch I chugged. There were a couple of memorable pieces, but this Chinese dude is embroidered, and as a novice stitcher myself, I was wholly impressed. The artist is Chang Xugong. 

Next, I went over to NADA, which was supposed to cost $25, but when we arrived, they were like, donation only. I think the reason for this change was due to the fact that there were like 15 people in the whole place, and Casiotone was... forgive me... but he was painfully alone. I felt so bad for that sad bastard, but they should have promoted better. Look, there he is, all alone.

After that, we were going to see some local art at the Moore space, but instead ended up at the David LaChapelle show where there was no more booze, and the line for the john was out the door. However, as you can see in the pictures, I made a few new pals. I look like just one-a the gals with good ole Dave, don't I?? And then when I asked for a pic alone, Mr. LaChapelle gave me the big snub, so we took a picture anyway. Fuck it, right? I heard through the gay grapevine that he's gotten uppity since he became spiritual. Whatever. There was alotta Christ up in that room, I will say. It was like the gay stations of the cross, and actually I think his photos were simply that, pop, glam, gay stations of the cross. Nathan took these pics. They amuse me.

Last but not least, we went to the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin and drank, danced, and rode on one of these things below. It was a really good time. BUT, the highlight was when I introduced Pharrell, who's showing there, to two lovely ladies, as if I knew him. I did attempt to take a picture of him and an old friend of mine at Pawn Shop like 3 years ago. My camera was new, and I didn't realize that I was video taping them just standing there smiling. Kind of funny. If I see him tonight, I'm going to pretend we're old pals, because basically we are at this point. You know?
Two star sightings on night one isn't too shabby. Let's see if I see Byrne tonight! 
Just dance.

UPDATE: Was Chuck Close at the opening of the containers? 


Tasha said...

woo! naomi campbell was having fun there with you too. you have to remember.

EAT said...

Holy Lord. I have no recollection. Really? I mean, reaaaaly, really? Neat-o.

Anonymous said...

Too much art, not enough PARTY ALCOHOL