Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Low serotonin and Christmas, horrah!

The internet is down at home and I am experiencing early onset premenstrual syndrome, all just in time for the holidays! I have a shit-ton of embroidery to do before next Thursday since the cheapest gifts are the most labor intensive. Luckily, I finished my aunt's present, a hand towel that says, "Jesus H. Christ." It's blasphemous, but appropriate, since it his JC's b-day and it's one of my aunt's favorite declarations.

Due to poverty, I missed the David Byrne show. I was right there on the Beach, but I couldn't get myself to spend 40 bones on a ticket that didn't fly me very far, far, far away from here. Instead, I bought some seasonally flavored Haagen Dazs and continued to gain weight.

Listen, if you hate me, don't like me, think I'm ugly, fat or stupid, fine. Just lay off right now, because being unemployed and pre-menstrual during the holiday season is one of those unique experiences that tends to try the soul.


Anonymous said...

i don't really hate you
i even think you're swell
even if at times you
really kind of smell

Anonymous said...

Meet me in Malta, I'll bring the Cymbalta

EAT said...

I do smell and I'd love to go to Malta. Thanks for the rhymes.

Emily Sue said...

I have a friend who is literally in Malta right now. No fair!
Sorry about the internet :(
The towel sounds awesome.
I just wasted an entire evening NOT sewing. I am ashamed.