Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday, a night of mucho musica! Bravo, Basel!

Friday was great fun. 
There was music everywhere in Miami that night! 
My lovely, LA love Stephanie hooked us up for the night, dirty style. My friend Emily and I were able to hit the Obey party at the Shore Club which featured totes, signed posters and unlimited Bombay Sapphire. I was really happy to be in a non-Miami crowd for a moment, and enjoyed the slide show and drinks. 

After a throwing a few back, we went by Karu and Y for the Panda Bear/No Age/The Sads show. We heard, as did every other Miamian with an ear for this type of thing, that we needed to get on the list for this Nike/NADA/ANP Quarterly sponsored event. So we got ourselves on the list a few times over, not certain what would work and what wouldn't. My roommate even successfully wrote to the man himself, the Panda man, that is. 
After hours of worrying that we might miss any part of the show or not get in or get the wrong place (it was double advertised as being at Karu and also at the Paris Theatre).  As it turned out they let everyone present in, without a bother, and there was Grolsch enough for the load of us. 

No Age played a lively and high-powered set, encouraging the crowd to get into it, and the crowd actually listened! Most everybody was pumped and a decent sized mosh pit was created. The music was well appreciated and I really liked the flower visuals behind them.

I have been waiting to see Panda Bear for awhile and I actually, over the past two years, almost flew up a few times to NY to see him or the whole Animal Collective perform, but something was always coming up and keeping me away. When I heard about this event, I almost crapped myself, and I think I actually might have, you know though, just a little, tiny bit.

It was amazing. All I thought it would be, and probably would have been worth flying up for. 
I swung by White Room after, just before Adult went up. I missed much of the performance, but the sound was good and fun, people were jamming out and I thought thumbs up for a fun show. 

Finally, that's the last of my Art Basel posts. I had a particularly fun and eventful Basel, and I'm happy to be done summarizing and I know the quality of my writing has suffered much during the long process. Now next to dread: New Year's Eve! Oh, and CHRISTMAS! I get shivers just thinking about it. Bye Basel, a bientot. 

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