Monday, December 8, 2008

Kill Your Idols- Basel '08

At the Marcy Building in the Design District, Converse sponsored four days of concerts for Art Basel. The walls were plastered with old concert flyers and there was a photo exhibit by Eileen Polk, themed: punk is everything. Although punk was present on the walls, and in some of the music, it was not so much in the crowd. For instance, check out the old lady, and the guy with the neon leotard-thong in the pictures. I wasn't seeing CBGBs circa '75, but there was definitely an element of asshole in the air. Meatball, in the white shirt up there, made the party for me as he really knows how to make it something special with his intense moves on the dance floor.
I went to two shows there: Matt and Kim and
Times New Viking. Both shows were really good.
The Matt and Kim show was packed and the
energy was fierce, presumably because they're
well liked, but also because it was opening night. Everyone was dancing and they had some free beer. After the show, Converse gave out something like 100 shoes designed by Matt and Kim; I got myself a pair, 6.5, women (ebay).

It was unfortunate that Times New Viking played on the last night of the fair because they were really good, but the crowd was clearly exhausted after a long week of art/booze/music. The little lady singer, Beth Murphy, really rocked it out. Really a worthwhile event. Hope they grace us with more chucks and bands next year. Thanks, Converse.


le nic said...

i really wanted to attend this party. free chucks, man, who knew? bummer. anyway, glad you rocked it out, ms. eat - and thanks for all the heartfelt baseling. you did it all the way for those of us that just wanted to put the tip in.

Anonymous said...

... There was a bunch of other bands that played too. Pink Reason opened up for Times New Viking and they were fucking great. Nodzzz opened up for that band on Thursday. Friday night was also very good, with Reigning Sound headlining, with Brutal Knights and Hex Dispensers opening up for them. Saturday night was a hardcore show; Annihilation Time, Caustic Christ, Sex/Vid.

EAT said...

Thanks, Anon. I should have mentioned those other bands. We actually went to see Pink Reason, but took too long at dinner and only caught the last song. What I saw/heard, I liked. It was a really great event, well produced and a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Miami bro sucks.

EAT said...


Emily Sue said...

I have to disagree with one point - that old lady was as punk rock as it gets!