Monday, December 8, 2008

what is art, bro?

I went to O.H.W.O.W., Scope, and Basel this year, and I was impressed and overwhelmed. The Friends With You complex at Scope was truly impressive, and everyone, every age, that jumped in the huge bounce house, was smiling and having fun. I was in there for 30 seconds, and I fell on my head twice, tumbled out, out of breath, but it was fun. 

There was an abundance of art, too much to even begin to discuss. My favorite piece was this giant hamburger with sexy cow ladies on it by Alejandra Villasmil. It's my fav for obvious 
reasons... I mean, googley eyes, cow faces and big boobs, 
what more could you want (bottom)?  There was a little section of the fair where they were serving absinthe in order to get the art collectors nice and shitty and loose with the check book. 

These next two photos were taken at the Wynwood-ish  O.H.W.O.W art space. It's Nathan jumping in front of a Paper Rad video and the other is one dude smelling another's pit by Slava Mogutin. I thought it was charming and amusing. I missed Beth Ditto hosting a hipster karaoke hour because we stayed dancing at the Matt and Kim show. I heard there wasn't much to be missed, but I'm a karaoke addict, so I was disappointed.  
This was my first time actually going to the Miami Beach 
Convention Center for Art Basel, because I'm always so broke. This year, I went for half price an hour before closing, and I felt like I was running a marathon. I took notes of all the artists and galleries I liked, but it's never as powerful looking something up later as it is seeing it for the first time. 
I saw a few galleries from Brazil. I'm starting to consider my friend Eddie's theories about Brazil being the powerhouse of the future. The busiest booth was Deitch Projects. They really know what they're doing. 

Being at the Convention Center reminded me of a booksellers' fair I once went to in Providence, RI. The booths, people milling about, the gallery employees sitting there looking bored, the 
desire for commerce. 
It emphasized the commercialism of it all in the same way that the party pictures show how much of a popularity contest the art world is. It's hard to keep up. I can't imagine what it takes to put yourself in such a vulnerable position. The artists are the ones I admire, whereas the art, sometimes it's just as bold, and other times it falls short of intention. Either way, it's still so thrilling to have all of this creativity and talent come to town.   

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