Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hoofin' it, Days 2 & 3

If you guys were wondering what about my mode of transport, please check out that black beauty below. That's my mom's Saturn station wagon. It is hungry for gas. Compared to my Toyota Camry, it might as well be an SUV. As you can see, I by chance ended up in the 69 space right here in Chattanooga- radical! On our way from Orlando to Swanee, GA, where we rested our heads, we checked out the world's largest peanut monument (below). 

This is a bus bench in Chattanooga. It's a pretty cute little town with a crazy looking aquarium (pictured below) and the Chattanooga choo choo. I actually have been here as a child and was reminded throughout my youth of our visit to see the choo choo. 

I'm writing right now from Greyfriar's, a coffee place that's playing Phoenix right now (I think I heard some Sea and Cake a second ago), and I just purchased a journal (thanks Emily!) at a local bookstore, Rock Point Books. 

This was a random road gem- a "gwaaat" bird, as I'm calling it. It's like saying, "gwat do you want?" This was on Rte 27 in Rossville. Pretty sweet. 

Off to Nashville! 


Anonymous said...

O'Toole woulda licked that bird's asshole. Just sayin'.

- Raj

Anonymous said...


-Omar Little

farrahflave said...

COOL MOVES! I'm gona SEE AND HEAR Phoenix LIVE at Austin City Limits on Oct 2... just sayin, u may wana road trip for that too ;-)

STAY AWAY FROM PERVS! Chris Cornell is the exception.

Emily Sue said...

That bird is incredible. I want to go to Chattanooga. It's the one place in TN I wanted to see but didn't. Did you go to Rock City??
Hurrah for journals.

farrahflave said...

oh! u should visit saba's familia...