Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hoofin' it in Graceland

There's not much I wanted to write about Graceland, instead I'm posting some pictures. I was expecting gigantic middle Americans with Elvis hair weeping over his grave, flashy neon lights and the King lives tees, but it was actually a pretty classy place. The house, though large, was modest to look at from outside. Once inside it was a 70s extravaganza. Many of the rooms had fabric walls and ceilings in great patterns and colors. The neatest thing about the place was that it was actually mostly a museum with all of Elvis' costumes, gold records and memorabilia. It was $22 to get in with my student and AAA IDs, which was reasonable. 

We ate onsite and they had Corky's bbq, an area chain. The pulled pork was delicious, I tell you. That Elvis brush was absolutely the coolest thing in the store, but at $16 it was overpriced for my tiny budget. I was duped into getting a Graceland sippy cup with lunch, and it slipped out of my hand in the store and left a coke and ice lake in the kids section. I the told the cashier, and she waved her hand, "I'll clean it later." And then she chatted with me about other things. Super cool. If that had happened in Miami, I'd have received a filthy look and a curse or two. Everyone in Memphis was very nice and friendly. They seemed a happy people. I love Memphis. 


Lam said...

i can see the pee dripping down ur pants when u saw that brush.

Anonymous said...

i miss you

thought i was going to write more

but that's all i got for now

keep hoofin' it hotstuff

-Rocky D.

Anonymous said...

Graceland looks pretty darn cool, yo. Always wanted to go.

- Rog

LVS said...

You mean they charged $22 after you showed them your student ID AND your AAA??? Damn!