Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Wa Wa"

Water is good. 
We're all hearing about all the nastiness that leaks into your yummy H2O from the soft plastics used to make bottled water bottles (here's something). Who the hell wants to get cancer or give birth to sick babies thanks to the convenience of having water sit in your car for years? 
Besides that, those bottles take an eternity to break down and disintegrate. That's why it's better to buy hard plastic or lined aluminum bottles. 
Plastic sucks either way, but this is my water bottle I got on the Appalachian trail in Harper's Ferry. At all the state or national parks I've visited, they have places to fill up your reusable bottles. One highlight of visiting Zion was the delicious spring water stations around the park. The water was local and seriously tasted like water. And water tastes good! I had filled up in Atlanta and Nashville, and the agua was pool flavored. So, basically I just wanted to give it up for Zion. When you get there, you may feel a bit like Helen Keller felt at the well with Annie Sullivan. Go wa wa!


Marco said...

i like when my wawa don't taste like caca

Anonymous said...

You've given me a wah-wah!!!

- George Harrison via Rog