Friday, May 8, 2009

YOUTH FAIR show in Miami. Wtf, bro?

Y'all miami bros need to go to "The Youth Fair, Bro." Justin Long and Meatball are putting together some sick shit by recreating the monster that is the county youth fair. Be there. The fair.
The opening is this Saturday and the closing is on the 30th. I'm missing both, and I'm soooo freaking bummed (like, for real though). OK, so here are the highlights: bicycle powered Gravitron (HOMEMADE - sick, I'm telling you), Himalaya Dance Party, Kenny Rogers in concert (but for real? No.), and the LARDASS food concession (no clue, but I'm a heifer when it comes to food of any kind, so I would situate myself near this).  This will be an event to remember. Tell me all about it, please! 
Opening Reception 
Saturday May 9th 8-11:30 
4141 NE 2nd Ave. Suite 103 
Miami, FL 

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swampthing said...

i like those guys, missed the party but wtf, you are The Bro, missy.

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