Friday, May 29, 2009

Hoofin' it in LA with Cubans

(Cubama? Never in Miami)

My time in Los Angeles was unbeatable. This was my second time visiting my fabulous hosts and close friends, Stephanie and Flo. They claim it is their goal to get their friends to move westward. They did a great job, because I was ready to stay. The first night I arrived, we stayed low key in their Echo Park apartment and then headed down to a small, cute bar El Prado.

The next day I got a tour of the nearby neighborhoods and we walked down to Echo Park where, oddly enough, we discovered the Cuban Music Festival going down. There were people dancing and a ton of food. Look at that lady and her meat. That is a pile of meat. No lie. 
Oddly enough, a high school friend of Steph and mine happened to be there too, and though we didn't see him there, we met up with him the next day. On to the next blog...
What are these sandwiches? They don't look Cuban.
This dude is cool. 
The people
The shirt


Stephanie said...

We live in a house dammit.

swampthing said...

we got tons of hoofin cubans right here back home, but i don't sell swamp.

farrahflave said...

i miss L.A., especially steph and her beautiful HOUSE with her kitties and flo :o) and the beach.

EAT said...

shorry shteph.

kick ass house!