Monday, June 1, 2009

Hoofin' it in LA, more Echo Park and a BUNNY

As you can see from the above photo, I'm hideous and contemplating a midlife crisis at 30; I've got 2.5 months left before I have to commit this sort of breakdown. 

Later on that day, we walked around Echo Park some more, where I admired the murals which are the bomb. 

I love Guadalupes the best, but as the Virgins were spectacular, this quinceanera mural really made my day. 
Stephanie bought some super-sized Mexi-desserts. I had never seen this sort purchasing process with the tray and the tongs. I liked it.

What I liked even more was this lady's street meat. She brought out the blue cornmeal, patted them into quesadillas and made them into a scrumptious snack. Oh, Lord, these were good.

While we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by an amazing bookstore with used and new books and a little cafe called Stories. I bought a wedding cake topper with two chicks on it, in case I ever want to marry a lady. The book selection was incredible and I totally got a used Robertson Davies novel. 
We also spent a long time in the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, which is part of Dave Eggers' 826LA which is his non-profit org which helps kids with their writing skills. Here are some good pictures from the store - click here. Basically they periodically change the storefront theme and props. Currently the theme is time travel, so they have great toys to play with and purchase. Some things are jokey and neat like fake leaches in a bottle, Barbarian Repellant or a Ricky Martin soft lunchbox. And then there are books and such which I bought for the family. 
Later that night, the night of the EARTHQUAKE, we were up recording a radio show with this here bunny in Valencia. Since we were a bit out of town, we didn't feel the earth'a shakin'. This was good. The radio show is titled Call With Questions. You can listen to it here. And one of our hosts is featured in the new Wholphin, so please purchase a copy (a very McSweeney's day, for certain). They have a pet bunny, who was friendly and wonderful and soft. Bunnies make better pets than dinner. 

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