Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jennifer the Leopard makes an appearance on Drew Barrymore's chest!!!

I've been waiting to get to this part of my trip so I can mention something awesome. Before we ate at the taco truck, we found out that Flo met up with Drew Barrymore for work and gave her a band tee-shirt of a certain group of which Stephanie is the lead singer and of which I am a huge fan, Jennifer the Leopard

Mere days later Drew was photographed all over Palm Springs wearing the J Lep shirt! Here are the first photos: click here. There was some talk of the pic showing in People mag, I'll keep you all updated. Most importantly, here's where you can buy your own top: buy me

Not to BRAG, but I was right near Palm Spring when these were taken, AND I already repped the J Lep tee in the MIA media thanks to Jipsy both on her site and on the Miami New Times' website. 

Laughin' and lovin'. That's what I think J Lep is all about. Well that and four beautiful ladies and some jammin' tunes. As far as the video, Marissa, your gum chewing is clutch.


Lookin' Good, Feelin' Fine by J Lep from LFish99 on Vimeo.