Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hoofin' it around western Texas

Just south of Las Cruces was El Paso. One side of the road looked like Mexico and the other looked like America. This was possibly because they were actually Juarez and El Paso, respectively. It was funny how apparent it was which country was which. 

The second we passed El Paso, Jimmy got pulled over. The cops were swarming like flies over a carcass. It was unreal. They pulled over everyone. I almost shit myself in the backseat. I'm more than scared of Texas outside of Austin. Luckily he was a nice enough cop and we were on our way quickly. 

We then got stopped at a border crossing. Our car was packed to the brim, and the border patrol stopped us and asked Jimmy, "is there anyone in the back?" and he responded nervously, "only my sister." She rolled her eyes and waved us by. I think she wanted to know if we had 30 Mexicans in the trunk. Unfortunately for two other dudes we saw, they weren't waved by and were arrested on the side of the road and it kind of broke my heart. 

After a boring drive in the heat and rain, we were rewarded with a series of rainbows. Some were small but we caught a double rainbow that was so incredibly vivid that we had to pull over and take video and pictures. Check it out up there. 
We didn't make it all the way to Austin that day, so instead we stopped in Fredericksburg, an old German town in Hill Country. We lucked out because we found an open bar when we drove in, Silver Creek, with a beer selection fitting a real German town. 
I had actually been to Fredericksburg when I was on a road trip in my early 20s with my bff, Liza, and we were enchanted. I didn't remember it being so built up, but it's been about 7 years, so it figures. There's a main stretch with stores and restaurants, there's the National Museum of the Pacific War, located in the George H. W. Bush Gallery. Yeah. 

We ate at this restaurant housed in some 150 year old building, Der Lindenbaum. Our food was AMAZZZZZING. Even the coffee was good. We ate schnitzel and cukes in dill yogurt, sauerkraut, warm potato salad. I mean, I was in culinary heaven. 

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farrahflave said...

the rainbows are beautiful! it's cuz everyone's in the closet GAY in texas...