Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hoofin' it around 29 Palms Inn

My original purpose for heading to Joshua Tree was to stay in the room where Gram Parsons died. Morbid. I know. But it would have been quite the experience. Unfortunately the room was rented out and my friends told us about the 29 Palms Inn. 

Jimmy splurged for us and we got a huge guest house here for not much more than $200 but which would have comfortably fit 6 people. The rooms had some nice quirky decorations like a corny painting that resembled a hiking Hillary Clinton. There were two large bedrooms, a massive living room, dining room, kitchen and even a private backyard. There was a beautiful mural of the desert on the wall in the back.  The Inn had different guest houses and grounds you could explore with a little lake, Cinderella's coach and a handsome pool. Chris was not satisfied with the continental breakfast of boiled eggs and bread, but it was freshly baked bread, and delicious, so I was pleased. Jimmy ate two boiled eggs. A simple, odorous man my brother is.

Basically coming from LA, you can either stay on I-10 and go to Palm Springs or break off to Highway 62 and go to Joshua Tree and then 29 Palms. Though we drove in at night, we could tell this wasn't like deserted eastern Utah. The highway was well populated with convenience stores and such. People actually live out there in this desert, artsy people with good taste. I say they have good taste because I would move out there in a second, it had near perfect vibes.
Our backyard
What a pool
Go murals!
I snuck over to take this picture as the guests of the room corresponding to this little boat on the lake were heading back from the pool. They stared at me like I was nuts because I was lurking around their property. It was worth it.


Stephanie said...

The little boat is actually a room that used to available to stay in!

Emily Sue said...

A couple of my friends were involved with this High Desert Test Sites thing, a major collaboration of artists, designers, builders, etc. in Joshua Tree. I really don't understand what it is, but it sounded amazing at the time. They built little huts and raised giant sculptures. It definitely made me wish I lived out there:

Emily Sue said...

One of those High Desert Sites last year was in Gram Parson's death room: