Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hoofin' it, the forgotten day...

(These are the perverts checking out the bathing babes.)

I totally screwed up and left out a full day's activities! I think I was all wrapped up in the Ron Jeremy meeting. The reason I'm even bringing this up is because it was quite an activity that I left out. While in LA, I went over to Koreatown to get rubbed down by Korean ladies. 

Yes! I went to the Olympic Spa and it was a worthy and inexpensive experience. For only $15, I had access to different pools, saunas and steam rooms. The decor is very commie/Eastern Bloc with pink lockers and small spaces. When you go in, you have to get NAKED. Now this is for ladies only, so it's a feminine adventure. Immediately, this one busty Mexican chick decided she'd "show me the ropes" and she was nice enough to take me around even though I was a little scared of her. 

I bathed with old Korean ladies, all naked, and other women too, big boobs, flat bottoms, etc. For an extra $30 they take you into a separate area and a korean lady scrubs the crap out of you. All of this gray gunky dead skin is sloughed off of you - very gross but liberating. The lady orders you when to move and basically scrapes every part of your skin, even dangerously close to your nether regions. The best part is the sensation of a bucket of water being thrown over you. It was like being a newborn. I loved it! 

At the end, there's a place where you grab a blanket and lay around on a heated floor. While I was sitting there, I felt a rumble. I thought it was my stomach! A Korean lady jumped up from her nap and the Hollywood beauty next to her turned and said, "that was an earthquake, did you feel that?" 

After losing all my unwanted flesh, I went and got a $30 haircut at Rudy's Barbershop. Nothing exciting, but necessary and cheap. 

I guess that's all I wanted to add. If you're in LA, check out the Olympic Spa. Some lady in Santa Fe said she got the same scrub by Koreans in Seattle (she said they rub you like seals) and my cousin had the same thing done in Morocco. For me, it was priceless and unique. 


farrahflave said...

That's right... in Morocco it's called the HAMMAM (like Hammamet in Tunisia) which is Arabic for baths.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an adventure! It would be great to feel like a newborn again! Lucky you....