Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hoofin' it out of Los Angeles, back into the desert

Of this post, I want you to be jealous. I ate more Mexican street meat and I also ate street churros, all delicious. 

After rushing back from Borin' Boron (I kid, I had a neat time there), I had to sit in a tiny dollop of LA traffic on my way to retrieve my brother Jimmy and Chris. It was Wednesday and Jimmy had, in typical form, decided to join us for a week the day before, Tuesday. After undergoing his own adventures, Chris met with Jimmy at LAX and they took the Flyover bus to downtown. When I met up with them I was a bit frazzled, as my phone's GPS was sucking and sending me all places not to them.  

We then rushed back to the house of Steph and Flo. C & J pounded some beers and Jimmy told us horrifying tales of nursing; we wanted gross, we got vile. Our lovely hosts brought us down to a taco truck in the hood and we did what we do best, we stuffed ourselves sick. After I finished my three tacos, I got another. I am a pig. Well actually, I ate pig and chicken. I devoured. 

Chris, Jimmy and I then hopped into the station wagon and moved our asses across the state toward 29 Palms and the magical desert of Joshua Trees. 


Chris Mora said...

Joshua Tree is so nice. My friggin' camera ran out of batteries on the drive in. All I had was my phone. And that was the ONE place that I wanted to try some fancy photography stuffs. Did you stay until sunset? I got really cold, really fast...

Anonymous said...

Taco trucks make my heart go pitter-pat and boom boom boom like a bass drum yum.

- Rog

JD said...

Oh, I do miss good tacos! The southwest definitely have the best in the country!

But as for churros, I've tried the Mexican variants, and I must say the ones in South Florida are much better... check out Churromania (the best I've had in Miami-Dade so far) at Dolphin Mall or Miami International Mall (They may also have locations at Westland and Southland Malls). It knocks the other churros out of the market!