Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bro, we need to catch up!

I have been kind of busy and distracted, so I'm going to do one sweeping blog to discuss "things."

My camera broke. It's really very dead. Since last September, this Canon has been breaking my heart. It's kind of a big deal to me, but I know no one else really cares. RIP, baby G9. 

Next, I wanted to get into how great the Animal Collective show was, and how young the crowd was, and how very few people from Miami were there, but it just seems to have happened so long ago! I have video I'll share, once I get it together. 

I also wanted to sum up some things I've gotten into lately and liked and or thought were lame.

I went by the Mondrian for a drink - why do they lie and tell us things are happening when there's so little going on there? I've been reading about this place forever and when I went, I was wholly unimpressed. 

On the other hand, I hit up LIV and it was a blast. I say "blast" because I grew up in Miami and my vocabulary is limited. I also use this word because the motherfucking place was so much fun. I was there on a Friday night; the place was free of hipsters, full of lame moneybag dudes and very hot, somewhat cheesy ladies. The ceiling blew my mind. There was like a saturn hanging in the middle, the lights pumped to the music. The whole feel was Vegas. Read more here. 

I went to the Viceroy for my friend's art show. The 50th floor has a nice view and a pool. I really love the way it's been decorated, though one of my friends thought it was pretentious and ugly. I wouldn't necessarily run back there, but I would steal some design ideas from them. Either way, it's worth going to drive through the dark driveway where crazy, stonehenge-like faces line the lobby areas. There are these monoliths, some with tiny, glowing eyes. Radical. 

Other things... I liked Land of the Lost. It was an absurd and visually beautiful stoner flick. I would recommend to all. There were some fabulously dirty jokes and it made me laugh quite a bunch. 

On the less funny tip, I watched Il ya longtemps que je t'aime or en anglais, I've Loved You So Long, last night and I loved it long time. Kristin Scott Thomas has just gotten out of prison and has to live with her estranged sister, Elsa Zylberstein, who has an adorably expressive face. It was not only amusing, thoughtful, disturbing, emotional, but it was also well woven with beautiful scenes of family life, trust and literary references. 

Lastly, I recently read The Lost City of Z and although I am a speedy reader, it took me forever to read since I was traveling and such. Either way, I enjoyed the crap out of it. 
New York Times reporter David Grann attempts to track down the legendary city of Z which existed in the theories of Amazonian explorer, Percy Harrison Fawcett. Fawcett led numerous successful expeditions and one unsuccessful one into the jungle for the Royal Geographical Society to map the territory and study the native people, plants and animals. He believed that there had been an advanced society somewhere in the Amazon, like Machu Picchu. The book isn't just interesting because you learn all the facts about Fawcett and many others who have and still do worship him, it's really also a story about conviction, dedication, obsession and faith. When Grann sort of uncovers some of what he's been looking for in the final chapter, a larger message presents itself, and Fawcett's tale almost becomes a fable with the moral - keep on keepin' on, because you're probably right. Very Kierkegaardian. 

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